Your products, sales teams and company culture are unique to your business. So to really accelerate sales performance you need a training programme that is developed for your unique challenges and objectives. Here’s how we can help:


Understanding your team

With initiatives that include detailed consultations, field observations and a training needs analysis, we’ll understand your challenges and business objectives. We can then design a training programme that is customised to your organisation and will help to accelerate your teams sales performance.

Developing engaging training

We ensure the training is effective, practical and part of a blended learning strategy, which in turn leads to a long-term change in behaviour. Business simulations and interactive exercises are designed and included as a key part of the programme.

Embedding performance

With 360-degree feedback, management coaching and validation training, we’ll ensure the content is embedded within the team and delivers real improvements in sales performance.


Customer Engagement

Customers today demand world-class service. They’ll reward companies that provide it by remaining loyal, and they’ll take their business elsewhere if service is mediocre. Your customer service team is the face and voice of your company and businesses today realise the value that these front-line employees bring.

Sales Performance

Defining your sales process and improving the capability of the sales team is paramount to the long-term success of a business. Helping the team to have quality, meaningful interactions with prospects and customers will lead to successful, mutually beneficial partnerships. We support teams with all aspects of the end-to-end sales process.

Leadership & Management

We help to develop managers that engage and inspire their teams. This in turn improves productivity, resulting in better collaboration and trust throughout your organisation. Your managers and future leaders need structure, process and progressive development to propel your organisation and to continually improve staff capability.

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“Delighted with the quality of training received from BMS on our Consultative Selling workshop. With a team of varying sales experience and product knowledge, we were initially concerned that planning training for the global sales team would be very difficult. BMS guided us through the process, tailoring the course to our business and ensuring that the content was both relevant and engaging. I would highly recommend BMS”  Ashley K, ManageBac LLC

A structured and thoroughly well researched course specifically tailored to our industry.

Sales Director, Modulex