One tricky decision that many employers face is whether to hire tried and tested sales professionals or a fresh sales graduate with potential. Working in sales is difficult to crack so it’s understandable why you’d want to minimise risk when it comes to hiring new people.

As recruitment specialists, we understand how risk-taking is imperative to the running of any business. This is why we recommend that you should consider hiring new graduates, as they can offer benefits that sales professionals simply can’t.

The best sales teams are built from a diverse workforce and a team built solely from professionals will not be reaching its full potential. Advertising graduate sales jobs is a great way to ensure that your sales team is equipped to handle all manner of circumstances.

They’re a Blank Canvas

Possibly the greatest benefit to hiring a graduate over a professional is the fact that you can mould them into the type of salesperson that you want them to be. Sales professionals who have been in the business for a long time are often set in their ways and aren’t adaptable to new methods of working.

For example, sales professionals might be reluctant to bring new clients on board, whereas graduates will be keen to establish themselves within the industry. Career progression is often at the forefront of a graduate’s mind, so they’ll be keen to please you and work in a way that you want them to.

They’re Eager to Learn

Graduates are aware that they’re new to the industry and have a lot to learn, and as a result, they are more accepting of direction. Established professionals may be disinclined to accept criticism due to their pride in their expertise. Similarly, professionals who have been doing the job for years on end might find certain aspects mundane, whereas graduates will be excited by the opportunity to progress in their careers.

Since career progression is of the utmost importance to graduates, they’re often not hindered by other ties such as building a family. Therefore, they’ll be able to work longer with minimal interruptions; a privilege that older employees might not have.

They Have Fresh Ideas

The world is constantly changing and graduates are still evolving within it, whereas professionals may be set in their ways. In order to appeal to a wide array of clients, you’ll need to keep up to date with modern ideas. Graduates can teach your existing employees about the newest ideas which will benefit the sales engagement across the board.

They Have a Better Grasp on Technology

In the current business sphere, technology is vital to the successful running of any company. When bringing older professionals into your team, you’ll usually have to train them on how to use various technological equipment and systems. However, graduates have grown up in the presence of technology and are much quicker to understand and correctly utilise various systems.

They’re Social Media Savvy

When it comes to advertising and marketing products and services, social media is growing in effectiveness. Like technology, a lot of graduates will have interacted with social media from primary school age. They understand how social media works and they know how to best use it to reach a significant amount of people.

With older professionals, social media wouldn’t have existed in their childhood, meaning it could be a new concept that they don’t wholly understand. Your sales company must move with the times and social media is one of the most prominent aspects of today’s society.

Recruit Fresh Graduates

Not only will bringing graduates into your team inject liveliness into your business, but it’ll optimise your sales strategy and help you reach a wide array of clients. If you’re looking to recruit sales graduates for your company, please contact us and we’ll lend a helping hand in renovating your hiring strategy.