Salespeople are incredibly important to any business. They’re responsible for making sure your company continues to be profitable. That’s why you need to focus on hiring only the best salespeople, which can often be a challenge. However, the top organisations always manage to recruit the top talent. Why? Because these businesses have a well-developed and clearly defined recruitment strategy that enables them to consistently hire the top salespeople. If you want your company to keep reaching its targets, then you need a high-performing sales team that can help your business grow. Here are a few recruitment strategies to help you captivate new candidates for sales roles.


Leaders should always be thinking about ways to improve their team. While recruiting can be a time-consuming process, it should be done regularly rather than when people leave. You must keep building your pool of talent, so developing a system that attracts new candidates regularly is essential. There are plenty of ways to recruit that go beyond simply posting on job boards, such as promoting new roles on social media as they become available. Make sure your company is always building relationships. Even if you come across candidates who don’t fit what you’re looking for now, they might be an ideal fit for sales roles in the future. It’s important you keep a record of everyone you interview for other roles that they might be more suitable for.


Employee referrals remain an effective way to recruit talent, as these professionals are recommended by current employees of the organisation. The benefit of sourcing candidates using their current employees is that they can hire for cultural fit much more effectively, and a high-performer will likely attract other top performers to the team. And according to research, 45% of employees sourced from employee referrals stay at a company for longer than four years, compared to 25% of employees recruited through job boards. This means it’s all the more important to build a recruitment referral program to ensure you’re hiring salespeople who are committed to staying at your company for the long-term.


One of the best ways to improve your recruitment strategy is by developing ideal candidate profiles. This will enable you to more easily define the type of candidates you’re looking for. In short, the candidate profile helps guide you through the recruitment process as you’ll always have detailed information to refer back to. With a solid plan for the type of salesperson you’re searching for, you can craft much more effective job descriptions that can lead to better candidates applying. When you create an ideal candidate profile, you should consider both hard and soft skills while considering the company’s vision and outlook. An ideal candidate profile makes your recruitment much more targeted, which in turn, can speed up the hiring process and enable you to connect more easily with the top sales candidates.


It’s imperative that you are continually promoting your company’s culture. Promoting the employer brand allows candidates to see what your culture is like. In sales, it’s important your culture is positive with a strong leadership team that encourages growth. Since sales roles are goal-oriented, the culture at your company needs to be motivational with a sense of purpose. Why not showcase your culture on your website or social media profiles? A job seeker will look at these channels to get a glimpse of your culture and as always, first impressions count. Ultimately, promoting your culture in the right way is an effective recruitment strategy that can attract the right people to your company.


The market has become increasingly competitive, but with the right recruitment strategy in place, you’ll be able to hire the best professionals for sales roles. At BMS, we have an exceptional team of recruitment consultants who have years of experience recruiting sales professionals. We understand what it takes to build a top sales team, and we’re constantly up to date with all the latest trends in the market. Our consultants are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with clients and to help sales professionals progress their careers. Contact us today to find out more.