As the market increases and more skilled professionals enter the workforce, it can be a challenge for businesses to recruit and retain the best talent due to the high level of competition. In a candidate-driven market, companies need to be more forward-thinking and innovative with their recruitment. With changing demands, today’s organisations should be visible across all platforms and find new ways to hire top professionals. But how can recruiters find the best candidates and make their companies stand out? Here are three tips to help increase your chances of finding exceptional talent that will help your company thrive.


When it comes to recruiting the best talent, companies need to make sure they are presenting themselves in the right way. There’s no question that reputation matters. A positive reputation can attract new customers, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales and revenue.  What people think about your company, from its services and products to the way it operates, determines how much they will be willing to interact with your organisation. That’s why creating and maintaining a strong company profile is crucial. Professionals want to work with a company that has a good reputation, so employers should be actively working on their brand image. This means updating your social media profiles, building good relationships, and responding effectively to any negative reviews. While no company is perfect, you need to dedicate time to your brand and create a strategy that attracts the best candidates. In doing so, you’ll be able to keep costs down improve employee retention.


Hiring great talent starts with the job description. An effective and engaging job description is key to attracting the best professionals and ensuring you’re not turning anyone away. So, if you’re recruiting for a sales position, make sure you clearly outline the job responsibilities and place an emphasis on career progression and company culture. Recruiters must include information about the company’s mission and provide context around the role, such as how it connects to the overall output of the company. However, you want to make sure your job descriptions are concise and impactful, avoiding superlatives or any language that describes a narrow set of skills. When you make your job description as detailed and as specific as possible, you’ll avoid making a bad hire and instead, attract only the most highly qualified candidates.


In this competitive market, it’s essential employers are highly responsive with applicants. Candidates will be reflecting on the hiring process and a positive experience is more likely to make them want to accept a job offer – so communication is key. For example, make sure to provide status updates during the waiting period so candidates are well-informed. Email communication coming directly from the sales leader will make the candidates feel valued and that you’re thinking about the prospect of hiring them. Recruiting teams need to be transparent with information and provide details about the challenges at the company during the interview. Communicating authentically will help you keep the interest of quality candidates, as you’ll be giving them a real glimpse at your organisation.


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