When it comes to filling vacant business development manager jobs, you need to know how to find good talent. BDM jobs are integral to the development of any business as, in their absence, companies would inevitably miss out on all manner of opportunities. As a sales company, you need to be familiar with the best strategies to attract new employees.

We can walk you through how to attract talent to place your company in the best position possible. We’re recruitment specialists, meaning we’re equipped to provide you with the best strategies to attract top talent.

As a business owner or manager, it’s only natural to want the best of the best representing your company. So, how do you ensure that your business attracts the top BDM talent?

Narrow Your Search

Firstly, it’s worth noting that 5% of the candidates you encounter in the recruitment process will deliver 95% of the value. In order to recruit highly talented employees, you need to use your initiative and be picky about who you hire.

For a role such as BDM, you need someone who is able to identify hindrances to your business and protect it from such. BDMs simultaneously create and protect a company’s value, meaning that you need the best and the brightest candidates to command the role.

You can narrow your search through application forms, CVs, skill tests, and interviews. As your candidate progresses through the process, you’ll be able to identify them as a strong prospective employee.

Make Your Offer Magnetic

The best way to attract top BDM talent is by making your offer something that any worthy candidate couldn’t refuse. Employees are most satisfied when working for a great leader who is empowering, supportive, inspirational, and focused on development. Therefore, you need to convey this presence immediately in the recruitment process to capture the candidate’s interest.

Similarly, employees seek to work for a great company with a strong culture, values, and reputation. Additionally, they’re excited by promising business results and positive contributions to society. Once again, these qualities need to be portrayed early in the recruitment process so that your prospective employee is roused by your company.

Furthermore, a great job is defined by meaning, impact, and the opportunity for growth and advancement. If you make it abundantly clear that the advertised role is an integral feature of the company and presents an opportunity for career growth, your candidate won’t be able to say no.

Finally, no job is complete without proper rewards, including perks, benefits, wages, and non-financial modes of recognition. One thing that employees crave is validation; they want to know that you recognise that they’re doing a good job. Therefore, during the onboarding process, you should make it known that you’re impressed with your new employee’s work.

Implement the Right Technology

We’re living in a technological age and up-to-date computer systems are absolutely integral to most of today’s jobs. You could have the best BDM in the world, but in the absence of a machine to research and communicate with, they can’t perform the job to the best of their ability. The latest tech can advance an employee’s skill set whilst also providing them with the means to work where they want, when they want, and how they want.

You can entice top talent with the promise of the latest computer systems as this will make their daily lives so much easier. Employees are much more likely to stay at a company where the systems allow for a fluid workday.

We’re Here to Help

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