Hiring is part and parcel of taking on a management role, but it’s a process that is often not given much thought and that is squeezed in around other aspects of work. It’s understandable that those in charge have busy schedules, but failing to pay due care and attention in the recruitment stage could see you end up losing out on the best engineers, and in the worst case scenario, it could result in your company losing money and productivity as a result.

This is where engineering recruitment agencies can help. Here at BMS Engineering, we are one of the best engineering recruitment agencies in the UK. We specialise in helping companies find the right engineers for them, though not every company sees the value in using a recruitment agency for technical talent.

Market trend knowledge 

The first advantage that recruitment agencies specialising in engineering can offer you is expert knowledge in terms of market trends. We are at the forefront of the job search and communicate with candidates and employers alike, meaning we have a unique insight into what both parties want from their job search.

We are the first to spot trends in things like salaries, and this means we can advise employers on what they should be offering pay-wise to attract the best talent and remain competitive. We are also the first to notice patterns in the employment landscape, meaning we can advise employers on talent availability and what they need to do to both retain existing engineers and attract new engineers to their team in the current market.

Access to a wider talent pool 

As a recruitment agency, we are well connected with professionals looking to take the next step in their career. We work some of the best candidates available, and we can connect them with your business where they otherwise may not have been aware of the opportunity or specifically looking.

Reduced hiring time 

The hiring process can be lengthy – from the amount of time it takes to sift through initial applications to the interview process and sending out formal job offers. An issue arises when you’re unable to find someone to fill the job opening you’ve got before the current employee leaves. If you’re hiring for a brand new role, a delay in hiring can mean your business development plans get pushed back.

When using recruitment agencies for engineering jobs, you can rest assured that the amount of time it takes you to fill your vacancy will be greatly reduced, allowing you to keep your business running smoothly and minimising the risk of a jobs gap – even in a candidate-driven market.

Only present the best candidates 

Part of the reason recruitment agencies like BMS Engineering are able to help you reduce your hiring time is because we do the filtering for you; we only present the very best candidates, ensuring you’re not wasting your time with anyone who isn’t fit for the role. As a result of engineering being candidate-driven, finding top talent can be time-consuming, but we source the best engineers and put them in direct contact with you, meaning you don’t need to spend hours filtering through prospects who may not be the right fit.

Increased ROI 

When you make good hiring decisions, your business will benefit as a result. The best engineers can help your business excel and propel you forwards, and recruitment agencies can help you achieve this and build on your ROI by shortening the hiring time and putting you in contact with top talent in the technical industry.

Fill your engineering vacancy

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