Career progression is important for every employee. Growth is all about being challenged and building new skills, and it’s one of the most important keys for a thriving organisation. If people aren’t growing and challenging themselves, it’s easy for complacency to take hold, which can lead to disengagement. That’s why it’s important to reward your best sales executives with a promotion. But how do you know when it’s time to promote? We’ve taken a look at the tell-tale signs your sales executive is ready to move up in your organisation.


The best way to monitor performance is through continuous reviews and appraisals, as you can easily judge how well your employee has been handling the responsibilities of their role. If your sales executive is already performing at a higher level than necessary, then you know they’re ready for a new role. It may also be the case that your sales executive is no longer challenged and looking for new tasks. Lack of challenge is a clear indicator that someone has outgrown the role and needs to move up in the organisation.


Taking initiative at work is an important self-management skill and it’s crucial for sales roles. If your sales executive consistently finds ways to help the team and they provide solutions to improve the business, it’s an obvious sign they are ready to move up and become a sales manager. When promoting employees, leaders should look for those who take initiative without being prompted and those who are managing projects and clients independently. Having an employee who strikes the perfect balance between being a team player and working autonomously has all the makings of a great sales manager.


Before you promote your sales executive, you need to make sure they have the right attitude and have the potential to lead a team to success. The best sales executives are deeply engaged in the company’s culture and willing to help the business succeed. These professionals understand the “big picture” and aren’t just focused on their day-to-day tasks, but always looking for ways to improve. For example, if you have a sales executive who is not only producing great results but contributing to the culture with new ideas, then it’s a clear sign they’re a promising talent.


Finally, one of the clearest signs that your sales executive is ready to be promoted is if they’re already serving as a mentor to other people at your organisation. Promotable people should be a respected member of the team and have a track record of delivering results. These individuals should be responsible and professional with unique skills and strengths that inspire other people around them. Promotable sales executives should also have developed well-defined interpersonal skills that have allowed them to build great relationships, and to be seen as a leader.


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