Easyfairs has a history of doing things differently. Of being a disrupter and innovator in the events industry. A company that stands out. Today, our multi-format events span business-to-business professional and trade shows, business-to-consumer exhibitions, and fun-packed fan-fests. Plus summits, congresses and conferences. So you can understand why Easyfairs has become one of the Top 20 events companies in the world.

Easyfairs is a pan-European company, organised into 5 regional hubs: Belgium, the Netherlands, Nordics, DACH and UK & International. Our headquarters is in Brussels, and we have 20 offices in Europe employing 780 talented individuals. Easyfairs also manages 10 European venues.


We serve communities, give them a vision of their future, foster connections and offer a life-changing experience. Visit the future with Easyfairs.


We aim to be the leading events organiser in our chosen geographical markets and selected niche sectors.


Our values are integrity, creative intrapreneurship, results driven. And having fun!


Talent development at Easyfairs is a continuous process. We support our people in capitalising on existing skills and capabilities with Personal Development Plans to take them to the next level, following a blended learning approach. Face-to-face learning includes the Academy Summit for the Senior Leadership Team, role-based Academy Days, and Academy Sessions, which are regular learning initiatives at regional level. E-learning modules provide role and seniority-based learning paths on an internal online platform called The Academy.

Our talent strategy

We are committed to a policy of diversity: all talent is welcome, regardless of age, gender, national, religious or cultural heritage, or sexual orientation. Most of all, we are a multinational and multilingual company, with at least 28 different nationalities working at Easyfairs. What matters is your ability to live according to our mission and vision, and your alignment to our values: integrity, creative intrapreneurship, being results-driven and having fun.

We invest in our talent

The events industry is a people business. That means, as we continue to grow, we must constantly strive to identify, attract, recruit, develop and retain top talent. We do not necessarily seek people with the most experience, but rather those with the greatest potential. Talent that is committed to excellence, passionate, ambitious and dynamic. To thrive at Easyfairs, what really counts is an agile mindset and OOO* attitude.

OOO* stands for Objective, Open-minded and Optimistic.

Having Fun

Success comes as a consequence of doing things in the right way, which includes having fun, one of our four values! We also have fun while taking part in the constant learning programme, including our Academy Days, when team members from all of our offices get together to improve their skills at a specially chosen venue. And then it’s party time!
The nice thing about working for Easyfairs is that I can witness, first-hand, companies benefiting from my work.
Marc Benoît-Finn, Head of Customer Success
I think it is great that we have freedom to think, show creativity and not be afraid to make mistakes.
Corine Visser, Event Master
My event is like my own company – I love the feeling of being an entrepreneur and being listened to.
Josefine Andersson, Customer Success Representative
We get a lot of respect for our work and recognition for the journey we travelled, and we celebrate as a team.
Jeroen Arnouts, Community Builder