Attensi is a Norwegian company specialised in gamified simulation-based corporate training. Attensi has grown to be a global leader in the field, and our solutions combine advanced 3D modelling with deep insight into human behaviour and psychology, training employees in authentic situations that involve human interaction and operation of business critical software and systems.


Our goal is to assist great organisations in unleashing the full potential of their staff by creating world-leading training simulations. We aim to simulate any kind of human interaction, whether it be dialogues, use of IT systems, or use of instruments and machines in a cost-effective way.

We want to enable all organisations to use gamified simulation-based training to improve the performance of their staff and maximise the value creation potential of their human capital.


At Attensi we believe that we are doing our small part in improving the world, one simulation at a time. We want to give people the tools to develop their skills and competence and to enable them to practice new behaviour in order to develop as people. And of course, we have every intention of having fun while doing this.

Using our gamified simulations should be fun, and we will certainly do our best at having a good time while making them!



What do you get when you cross human psychology, workplace learning, and video gaming? Simple. Attensi. 

Coming from some of the biggest and best video game publishers in Europe, our founders realised the opportunity to change the way we think about corporate learning and development.

Since 2012, Attensi has been helping some of the world’s biggest organisations upskill their teams with engaging and meaningful gamified simulation solutions.

Our extensive experience in creating exciting games and our understanding of human psychology and business make our gamified simulations the perfect answer to common learning and development roadblocks organisations tackle every day.