Advancing Energy Together

We’ve spent over 85 years supplying energy to off-grid homes and businesses across the UK. And during this time, we’ve created a grid of our own. A grid that’s dedicated to servicing our customers, with more than 1600 team members and the UK’s largest LPG delivery network. A grid that lowers our customer’s carbon emissions compared to fuels such as oil and diesel. Our versatile energy helps thousands of people and businesses, from manufacturing millions of products for major brands to keeping rural homes cosy and warm.

Together with our parent company, SHV Energy, we’re innovating the industry while working towards decarbonising rural Britain.

From the beginning of ‘Calor Gas’ in 1935, we have powered home and businesses right across the UK for over 85 years.

Together, we’re making a sustainable future possible

Together, we’re making a sustainable future happen as we work towards our 2040 ambition to offer 100% sustainable energy. It’s a big target, but there’s no time to waste. That’s why we’re dedicating our talent, our expertise and our future to achieving our goal. We’re on a mission, starting by offering Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) to our home energy, forklift truck and hospitality customers. As we move closer to our 2040 ambition, our sustainable fuels will expand with the help of our parent company – SHV Energy.