When it comes to building a sales strategy, there are some key phrases that should be avoided at all costs on a sales call. Too many salespeople rely on tried and tested phrases that clients can see right through, rather than implementing different sales strategies or techniques. Similarly, you can’t afford to make empty promises or potentially insult your lead in a 2022 sales strategy. Avoiding the following phrases on sales calls can help you implement a future-proof sales strategy.

To be honest with you…

Anyone looking to develop a sales strategy that works should avoid the above phrase on a sales call. Your client will expect you to be honest with them at all times and claiming “to be honest” a handful of times suggests that you were being deceitful for the remainder of the call.

Let’s assume…

All fresh sales strategies don’t allow room for assumption. If your client is spending their money on your product or service, they can’t afford for you to be anything but certain. If you don’t have the facts to back up whatever it is you’re selling, you can kiss a deal goodbye.

It’s easy

Modern sales strategies shouldn’t make promises they’re unable to keep. Until you’ve delivered what you’ve promised to your client, you have no way of knowing whether it will be easy or not. Save yourself the future headache and avoid making false promises.

Can you tell me more about your organisation?

New sales strategies require the salesperson to thoroughly research the organisation they’re dealing with. Asking to learn more about an organisation suggests that you haven’t done your research, which will make you appear misinformed and untrustworthy.

Product XYZ is no good

A quality product or service doesn’t need to criticise its competitors in order to get ahead. Instead, salespeople should describe the benefits of their own product/service, which will speak for themselves if it’s something that’s worth investing in.

You should…

If there’s one thing that should be avoided at all costs, it’s telling a client what they should do. Ultimately, they’re going to make their own decision and it’s not your role to do this for them. Your role is to express a series of arguments that suggest what they should do without explicitly telling them.

Is now a good time to talk?

Closed questions should always be avoided on sales calls, as they always invite the possibility of someone saying “no”. This is something that any salesperson wants to avoid at all costs, as it completely stops the pitch in its tracks, there’s no way to recover, and you’ve lost a sale as a result.

Do you have decision-making authority?

Unless stated, you never know who you’re talking to on the phone. Imagine the company director has answered your call, only for you to ask them if they have decision-making authority. This can be quite the insult and will leave a sour taste in the mouths of the people you’re looking to impress.

I need to close this deal

Expressing desperation is probably the biggest mistake that someone can make on a sales call. This suggests that you’re selling something for the sake of selling it, rather than having a genuine belief that it’s a good product or service. This won’t sit well with anyone looking to invest their money in something.

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