There’s no doubt that sales teams will look very different in the future. With the rise of digital technology and the changing workplace, sales teams and organisations will need to adapt to the fast-changing market conditions, as new roles and tools emerge. This means it’s all the more important that sales leaders plan for the future and create a road map for success. However, this can only be achieved when you have a clear outlook on what sales teams of the future will look like. While it’s difficult to predict outright how things will change, here’s a small glimpse of what the future could hold for the world of sales:


In the future, sales teams are going to change radically as there’s likely to be fewer traditional salespeople. With the rise of digital communication and automation, there will be more opportunity to automate administrative tasks. There are already many lead generation tools that can be used to filter out promising prospects based on specific metrics and data. So, sales teams of the future will be more data-driven and able to streamline workflows, instead of relying on manual CRM entry. This means that salespeople will need to have stronger skills and be highly analytical.


The changes in technology and expectations from clients and customers may pave the way for more specialised roles, particularly as the sales world continues to expand. In recent years, sales roles have become much more strategic, so new roles that are likely to develop are those that revolve around designing solutions for clients based on existing services and products. As a result of automation, sales teams will likely expand to include “lead generators” to attract and convert more prospects in a way that’s efficient and builds relationships. Then there’s the role of the sales analyst, which goes beyond the lead generation, as the position would involve generating revenue by analysing purchasing data. The world of sales is becoming much more diverse with new specialist roles coming to the forefront.


It’s becoming increasingly important that sales teams adapt to the modern consumer. Today’s customers want to have their needs met instantly, so real-time selling is likely to grow in the future, with more sales teams using bots to handle initial communication, such as asking qualifying questions and to arrange meetings. Sales teams of the future will need to be built around the customer experience. Both clients and consumers value the relationships they have with your sales executives as much as they enjoy the product or service. The future of sales will be all about relationships and prioritising genuine conversations over pitching.


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