When it comes to hiring decisions, employers are regularly faced with the decision of hiring grads over experienced professionals. Many industries aren’t the easiest to nail, which is why plenty of recruiters comfortably hire experienced professionals.

Despite this, graduate recruitment agencies will gladly tell you why you need to hire a graduate to fill your new role. Companies recruiting graduates will recognise an array of advantages that simply can’t be fulfilled when hiring fully qualified individuals.

Regardless of industry, the best professional teams are comprised of employees from an array of backgrounds. This is because you can be sure that your team is in the best possible position to tackle any situation.

Grads are Eager to Learn and Progress

Quite simply, when someone is new to an industry or the generalised working world, they’re more inclined to do their best and prove themselves. In fact, it was recently discovered that Millennials will be the first ever generation to earn less than their parents, with Generation Z following suit. As a result, those under 25 are more likely to work towards impressing their professional superiors as the financial odds are already stacked against them. Similarly, they’re fresh out of education, meaning their minds are in a prime position to learn.

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Grads Have a Different Outlook

It goes without saying that younger generations have very different perspectives than their older counterparts. Not only will they be able to contribute fresh, innovative, and new ideas, but they’ll be familiar with current trends. This is handy for any business that’s looking to attract and retain an ever-growing customer base.

Inclusion is a huge factor in every aspect of life, and graduates will have experienced the most inclusive and diverse upbringing to date. As we progress, difference is becoming more and more accepted and is even desired. Grads will scrutinise your existing employment structure and may even provide ideas on how it can be improved.

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Grads are Adaptable

As previously mentioned, grads will always be striving to impress in their first job, therefore, they’ll be more open to new opportunities, extra hours, and helping in any way they can. Additionally, most graduates won’t have too many home commitments (e.g., children, pets, etc.), meaning they’re capable of being more flexible with their time.

Adaptability is a great characteristic to have in any scenario as it means you’re able to mould yourself to suit the situation at hand. An experienced professional may develop a certain style and become set in their ways, whereas graduates haven’t had the opportunity to develop any bad habits.

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Grads are a Clean Slate

Since it’ll likely be their first proper job, you’re able to mould a graduate in any way that you see fit. You can teach them exactly how things are handled at your company rather than trying to train someone out of existing habits that aren’t suited to your business.

Although grads will still have their own ideas about how things work, you can steer them in the right direction that is best suited to your company. As a result, the onboarding process will be a lot smoother, which is an integral feature of employee retention.

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Grads Will Question the Way Things Work 

Due to university studies being fresh in their mind, grads will constantly be questioning how and why things work the way they do. This inquisitive nature is beneficial to any business as it will cause you to ponder existing practices and whether they can be improved. Similarly, grads are the most well-equipped individuals to identify this as they won’t look at anything with preconceptions.

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Are you looking to hire your next professional? Consider hiring a graduate!

If you’re looking to incorporate some freshness into your business, be sure to hire a grad for your next vacancy. Please contact us about recruiting grads and we’ll provide expert guidance regarding your hiring strategy.