The candidate experience is often an overlooked aspect of the hiring process. Now that more of the workforce is working remotely, businesses must maintain a personal connection with candidates and recruiters to ensure ongoing flows of communication. The candidate experience is simply how your business interacts with a job seeker. This includes any software and processes, as well as emails.

Research has shown that three in five job seekers do not complete an application process, with 82% saying there were too many steps. That’s why it’s important to take a look at your application process and ensure it’s as simple and streamlined as possible. When it comes to attracting the most in-demand talent, the importance of having a great candidate experience cannot be understated. Read on to find out exactly why you need to make sure your hiring process is the best it can be.

Employer brand

When candidates have a good experience during your recruitment process, regardless of whether they were successful or not, this will ensure a positive impression of your company. A positive experience should leave candidates feeling interested and valued, and most importantly, excited at the opportunity to work for your company. When you create a feeling of excitement for candidates, you instantly improve your hiring prospects and it brings more recognition to your employer brand. According to research, 78% of candidates believe that the candidate experience is an indication of how the company values its employees. With this in mind, you need to make sure your hiring process is a positive one because it will determine how candidates perceive your company.

Higher quality candidates

If a candidate has an excellent experience interviewing with your company, there’s a higher chance they will accept a job offer. Candidates want the hiring process to be clear and effective, with timely communication between them and the employer. Businesses must understand that candidates spend a lot of time researching the company and preparing an application. There are a lot of opportunities out there and the best candidates will have plenty of options. When you create a candidate experience that’s transparent and efficient, you’ll be able to keep the interest of the top talent. Even if you don’t hire someone for a role, you’ll build your network of great candidates for future openings and roles.

Good for business

Creating a great candidate experience is hugely important from a business point of view. It plays a major role in your ability to continually attract candidates over time. Since the candidate experience is simply how someone feels about your company, you must have an inbound recruitment strategy in place that continually attracts candidates over time. For example, if you produce regular recruitment content for your site, you can connect with passive candidates and create an experience through your web content. It’s about delivering an exciting experience for candidates at every stage of their journey.

An experience in this way can make your business more interesting, and memorable. It has never been easier for a candidate to voice their opinion about your brand. Hiring is costly, so having happy candidates is essential. When you offer a great candidate experience, you’ll reduce the chances of professionals avoiding your company, and increase the quality that you recruit.

We can help assist with your recruiting

We take a strategic approach when it comes to our clients’ recruitment. We stay up to date with the latest trends in the sales recruitment market, so we have a keen understanding of your company’s needs and the roles you’re trying to fill. With our expertise, we can connect you with the best salespeople to help grow your team. We offer an excellent candidate experience that reflects our culture and goals. If you need help with your recruitment, contact us today and find out what we can do for you.