While there are people who, at first sight, appear to be naturally great at sales, in actual fact, a good sales team is made, not born. It is important for any company to instil a formal sales skills training scheme to make sure that their teams are working towards achieving their optimum performance.

That training should incorporate not just professional sales skills training but also more personal development courses that aim to help individuals better understand themselves and the world around them, with the aim of building insight and resilience.

Integrating emotional intelligence in sales will help a company achieve the following:

Builds trust and rapport.

The more an individual understands not just other people but also themselves, the more they can build that trust and rapport, which is crucial in developing effective relationships. Emotional intelligence in sales is crucial to this process. When embarking on a protracted period of discussion and negotiation, being sensitive to different moods and personalities will give you much-needed insight.

Enhances communication.

Equally, being more open and sensitive to both your own changes in emotion and that of others can unblock any channels of communication and make the flow of information clearer and more succinct.

Improves active listening.

Active listening is one of those sales skills that must be acquired by anyone who wants to be a successful member of any sales team. Active listening is not just about listening to someone speak, but to be aware of their body language, their tone of voice, giving them time to speak, responding only when appropriate, paraphrasing and repeating back to the speaker what you have understood, and being fully present. An individual who is emotionally intelligent will have the sense of self to do so.

Enables effective problem-solving.

Studies have indicated that the higher an individual’s emotional intelligence, the higher their problem-solving skills. There is confidence in emotionally intelligent individuals that makes them less fearful of making mistakes and, therefore, more likely to approach problems with more positivity.

Boosts adaptability.

Equally, that same confidence and self-esteem make emotionally intelligent individuals more comfortable with adapting to different situations and operating effectively within those situations, even if it is just temporary. Going into a sales situation may require someone to push the boundaries of their comfort and step into the unknown. It is by pushing themselves in this way that an individual develops and grows.

Nurtures collaboration.

The more an individual develops and grows, the more adept they are at ensuring that collaboration between different parties is achieved naturally and seamlessly. Someone who is positively self-aware and comfortable in their own skill can put their own personality to one side and let someone else shine through if it is going to help the overall sales process. Emotional intelligence in sales is not about the individual themselves but about understanding and managing the reactions of others.

Enhances creativity.

Emotional intelligence in sales encourages an individual to develop a more open mindset, which in itself is conducive to more creative thinking and problem-solving. The more stressed and negative a mindset, the more narrow its view. Creative thinking is crucial to problem-solving.

Improves time management.

Good time management skills actually rely on self-management and relationship management – which are themselves driven by emotional intelligence. Knowing when to stop procrastinating, knowing when to say no, knowing when to put aside the distractions – these are all emotional issues that can sabotage a sales project if not dealt with effectively.

Builds resilience and enhances customer experience.

Finally, no project runs a true and straight course. There are bumps along the road. Recognising and accepting this is part of a journey towards emotional intelligence that enhances the skills of a good salesperson. This also allows an individual to communicate this to the customer in a manner which is stress-free and proactive, significantly improving the overall customer experience.

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