When you’re on the hunt for new technical talent, you need to cover all your bases to find the very best candidates. Sourcing the right person to fill your open technical role isn’t easy; you’ll need more than a simple job advert to attract specialised prospects to fill your role.

Whilst working with a technical recruitment agency will align the most talented prospects with your company, one thing you need to make sure you’re doing as an employer is generating brand awareness so that potential candidates are aware of who you are before they walk into the interview room.

What Employer Branding Encompasses

Every business knows the key to success is building a strong brand. This is essential for attracting customers and clients, but you need to channel the same amount of energy into promoting yourself as an employer.

Company culture is becoming increasingly important to job seekers as they look for personal fulfilment as well as a good salary. It’s extremely difficult for businesses to portray what they’re like as an employer without putting effort into their branding. As well as promoting yourself as a reputable employer who values their staff, there are other reasons for employer branding.

Reduce Hire Time and Costs

Every day you have an open job role, it will have a negative effect on your finances. Hiring costs money, and time needs to be taken from existing members of the team during the training process. If you make the incorrect hiring choice, or if a candidate realises that your company is not compatible with their goals, you will need to go back to square one.

Rather than wasting time and money on several incompatible candidates, increase your brand awareness so that potential prospects can see immediately whether the company culture, as well as the role at hand, are suitable for them. This will reduce the hiring time as you’re able to attract and pinpoint viable candidates off the bat, and you will save valuable time, too.

Social Media Searches

The vast majority of job seekers research a company before applying to a specific role. One way they do this is through social media. As an employer, this means you need to be promoting not just your products and services online, but your working culture, too. Giving small snippets and insights into your company will mean candidates can see how you work at a corporate level and decide whether it aligns with their personal agenda before they apply.

Build a Pool of Future Candidates

There will inevitably come a time when you need to recruit again. If you build up an excellent company reputation in the way of working culture through positive employer branding, you’ll likely find you build up a pool of future candidates who want to work for you when vacancies arise.

Hiring Technical Talent

Employer branding is only one facet of hiring sought-after technical candidates. When you work with us, we will use our expertise to ensure only the top talent reaches you at the interview stage. Find out more about how we can help you by geting in touch today.