In this episode, we delve into the unique set of challenges that arise in sales recruitment as the holiday season approaches. Hosted by industry experts, the podcast offers valuable insights and actionable strategies for businesses looking to overcome the hurdles of hiring top-notch sales talent amidst the year-end rush.

The discussion kicks off by identifying the key obstacles faced by recruiters during the festive season, such as long notice periods, tight timelines and turn arounds on CV’s, and the all important candidate experience. Mike and Sam share their experiences and provide practical tips on how to proactively address these issues.

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Mike LeatherĀ 

Sam Musiyarira

Key Takeaways:

  1. Long notice periods:
    • The podcast emphasises the challenge posed by long notice periods, which can significantly delay the onboarding process. Recruiters discuss strategies for mitigating this issue, including proactive communication with candidates about their availability and finding ways to expedite the notice period when possible.
    • Recommendations include building strong relationships with candidates early in the recruitment process to understand their current employment situation and negotiating notice periods before the final stages of the hiring process.
  2. Lack of urgency in starting people before Christmas:
    • The hosts shed light on the common perception that there is less urgency to start new hires before Christmas, which can lead to delays and a backlog of recruitment activities in the new year. Strategies are discussed for instilling a sense of urgency in the hiring process, such as highlighting the benefits of starting before the holidays and emphasising the company’s commitment to a seamless onboarding experience.
  3. Candidate experience not centric to the recruitment process:
    • Despite a less-candidate driven market, the podcast underscores the ongoing importance of prioritising the candidate experience. Hosts discuss the potential pitfalls of neglecting candidate-centric practices and how this oversight can negatively impact an employer’s reputation and ability to attract top talent.
    • The conversation explores ways to enhance the candidate experience, including personalised communication, transparent expectations, and feedback loops to keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the recruitment journey.
  4. Extended time to hires due to slow turnarounds:
    • The podcast acknowledges the fast-paced nature of the holiday season but points out that extended time-to-hire is often a result of slow turnarounds in reviewing CVs and profiles. The hosts share insights into streamlining the CV review process, leveraging technology for quicker assessments, and adopting internal communication to expedite decision-making.
    • Strategies for maintaining efficiency include setting clear expectations with hiring teams, implementing technology solutions to automate parts of the recruitment process, and providing training to ensure swift and accurate evaluations.


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