While some industries felt the impact of the pandemic more than others, every company was caught up in the storm and few have escaped the need to adjust their recruitment goals. As business activity picks up, it’s essential to have a sales recruitment strategy in place that is designed to attract the top talent on the market and snap it up before the competition does. Whether you’re ready to hire immediately or you’re pressed to get your ducks in a row, here are three strategies to revamp your sales recruitment strategy post-Covid.

Redefine your recruitment metrics

Mapping out your recruitment metrics so that they align with your post-Covid business strategy is the first place to begin when revamping your sales recruitment strategy. Gather your hiring team and senior leaders to discuss which metrics will support the overall success of the business and which may hinder progress – this is a particularly beneficial strategy in a data-driven world. One survey found that one in three recruiters believe ‘quality of hire’ is the most valuable metric to track, while only 7% agreed that cost per hire is the top success metric. While each sales team will have their own unique mix of metrics to track, stopping your time-to-hire spiralling out on control will become an essential part of the strategy in the post-Covid world.

Perform a skills gap analysis

Has a loss of talent in your sales team eluded to an emerging skills gaps? If that’s the case then you’re not alone. Workforces around the globe have been under pressure to condense their teams and in some cases split a job and divide the responsibilities amongst several other jobs. But for many teams, this has resulted in lost talent and experts warn that the skills gap could cost the global economy billions over the next decade.

Overcoming this talent shortage whilst the world is fighting a pandemic is no easy feat and replacing candidates like for like may not be a luxury that you have. Sales managers with smaller budgets will have to get more creative and consider hiring inexperienced salespeople who have the potential to become high-performing salespeople in the long-term.

Create a superior sales candidate experience

Remember that a candidate’s perception of how your brand hired throughout crisis will remain with them in the long-term. If you failed to follow up with them after an interview or delivered a poor candidate experience in some other way, this will shape their opinion of your brand and have a knock-on effect on your sales. Not only that, but 68.5% of people who have a bad candidate experience are unlikely to apply to future job roles with your company. So, writing a clear job description, keeping in touch and making the process simple – all factors of creating a positive candidate experience – will ensure that you keep your talent pool wide and have access to the best salespeople.

Speak to BMS about revamping your sales recruitment strategy

Whether you need a candidate who can begin at full speed or you’re looking for a junior salesperson with potential to become one of your top performers we’re here to help. The rise of technology changed the playbook for recruiting and now as we prepare for the “new normal” the rules are set to change again. At BMS, we take a very hands-on approach when it comes to our client’s sales recruitment strategies, ensuring that we provide a candidate experience that reflects your brand and only putting forward the very best salespeople. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.