Employers are used to having the pick of the bunch when it comes to recruiting candidates, but the technical talent pool is not a big one, meaning anyone looking to fill a technical role will be driven by the candidates themselves.

For a lot of employers, this is a new concept as many are used to holding the reigns, but in an industry, as specialised as the technical one, competition to attract the best talent is fierce due to the intricate skill set required to fulfil the role at hand.

Recruit for Potential

Many are graduates who don’t have the experience a lot of employers expect, but they do have the potential.  In the case of technical recruitment, it’s worth looking at graduates and entry-level candidates who can be moulded to fulfil the demands in time. These candidates can be exceptional, given the correct guidance and time investment.

Refine the Recruitment Process

In order to find the most suitable applicants, recruiters often set parameters through the recruitment process. This is ideal for filtering out unsuitable candidates, but a drawn-out application process could have an adverse effect in the way of deterring potentially suitable job seekers. Or worse, losing the best candidate at offer stage.

Improve Employer Branding

In a candidate-driven market, potential applicants will be scoping you out just as much as you will be them. They will be looking at whether your company’s culture aligns with their own views. If you don’t improve your employer branding, you risk bringing candidates on board who are skilled, but who are not compatible with your company as a whole. Improving your employer branding can minimise the risk of this, helping you to recruit the right fit the first time.

Create an employee referral scheme

By eliminating extra steps, a successful employee referral program can you save both time and money.  Your teams know both your business and the candidate – so they’ll do the match making for you!  Almost guaranteeing a perfect cultural fit. A referred hire will also likely stay with your company longer, meaning a better employee retention rate.

Look Outside Your Market

The technical engineering industry is a broad one, encompassing many skills that can be sourced elsewhere. In a candidate-driven market, you need to think on your feet. The best person might not be directly related to your specific industry, but they may have transferable skills that can be relayed into the role you’re looking to fill. Broaden your talent pool by looking outside your industry to find a viable candidate, even if they’re not the obvious choice.

Hiring Technical Talent

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