Using video calls in your sales strategy can be a viable way of prospecting. Certain context cues aren’t visible through email or in phone calls, and with the rise of remote working, the use of selling over video is only likely to increase. It’s especially important that sales teams become more adaptable and understand how to build relationships through different platforms.

The widely-cited statistic that 90% of communication is non-verbal has arguably become all the more relevant. With more people working remotely, relying on email communication and cold calls can impact the message you’re trying to send. Sales leaders should be thinking about providing extra training to their executives to help them navigate the shift toward video. So, with virtual meetings becoming the new normal, here’s a brief guide into effectively selling over video:


The importance of creating an engaging and concise video call can’t be understated. When meeting in person, it’s much easier to connect and build a relationship. However, on video, your conversations should be much shorter and more purposeful. When it comes to selling effectively over video, you want to opt for frequency more than length. Part of what makes video so powerful is that they can be used anywhere, so there’s potentially more opportunity to sell. However, while frequency is important, your sales team should still focus on quality over quantity. But short, precise calls are a great way to engage people and increase the chance of securing a sale.


During your video calls, you must make a personal connection. This means addressing your prospect by name and having a conversation before talking about your product or service. Always maintain attention on the screen and try to build a relationship, rather than thinking of your call as a scripted presentation. When you come across as friendly and engaged throughout the call, you’re more likely to build an authentic relationship. The great advantage of video calls is you can sell your product or services to several people at once, increasing your sales network. A personal touch has always been the foundation of a good sales relationship.


When taking a video call, it’s even more important to establish immediate trust with your prospect. One of the best ways to build trust is by showing your prospect that your service or product solves their problems. It’s important to understand that clients and customers are only interested in what you’re selling if it provides a solution to a real problem they’re having. Much like a regular sales call over the phone, you need to demonstrate social proof and that you can deliver on your promises. In some ways, this process is much easier as you’ll be able to show evidence quickly by demonstrating past success in the video. For example, you could share your screen and demonstrate the success you’ve had with other clients in the same sector. Video gives you the chance to be more creative and potentially sell even faster.


The world of sales is constantly evolving so it’s important to be able to drive leads and sales through different platforms. Video is a highly effective form of content and one of the most engaging marketing tools. At BMS, we have an excellent understanding of the sales market and what businesses need to do to build a quality sales team. With over 30 years of experience in recruitment, BMS has the experience and expertise to help your business grow. Contact us today if you would like to find out more about our services and keep reading our content for more interesting insights.