It’s no secret that the world of recruiting and employment has had to adapt in light of the situation with COVID-19. This has been increasingly difficult for the engineering sector since it’s a very hands-on profession, and limited face-to-face interactions have meant that companies have struggled with their recruiting processes. However, thanks to technology, there are ways of staging interviews without physically meeting. Similarly, priorities have shifted as a result of the pandemic, meaning that interview practices need to be revised.

So, how do you conduct a technical interview in 2022?

Set Clear Expectations

Engineers are very logical people that thrive on efficiency which is why you should make your expectations as clear-cut as possible. These expectations should include the time, place, and interviewer so that the interviewee is as equipped as possible to handle the interview. Not only does this reduce confusion for the interviewee, but it also provides the interviewer with a solid foundation to build the interview from. As well as interview expectations, you should detail job expectations from the get-go so that the employer and candidate alike can determine whether the role is suitable.

Offer Alternatives to Face-to-Face

In the current climate, face-to-face interviews aren’t always possible with vulnerable candidates and those isolating. This shouldn’t hold any candidates back which means that alternatives to face-to-face interviews need to be offered. From video interviews to telephone interviews, there are various ways of professionally communicating in this day and age. With this being said, face-to-face interviews shouldn’t be taken off the table completely as they can reveal a lot about a candidate that can’t be matched in other mediums.

Be Prepared

Preparation is key for any aspect of life, but this is particularly true of a professional interview. An interview is your company’s chance at a first impression, so you want to put everything that you can into presenting the business in the best way. Preparation will shine through in your interview technique, which will provide the candidate with confidence about your company’s abilities. From prepared questions to an offered drink selection, clear planning will put your candidate at ease in an otherwise nerve-wracking situation.

Don’t Improvise

As previously mentioned, preparation is key. Therefore, you shouldn’t be improvising the questions you ask as this will be obvious to your candidate. This is especially true in terms of such a complex position since the questions will need to be tailored to the role at hand. Of course, some general questions will be unavoidable, but the bulk of technical interview questions should be technically driven.

Ask Technical Based Interview Questions

This brings us onto asking technical questions. An engineer is coming to work to serve a technical purpose, meaning they want to know exactly what this is. Technical recruiter interview questions will allow a candidate to determine whether they’re qualified for a job, and you’ll be able to figure this out as an interviewer, too. Since engineering is a complex industry, you need to make certain that your candidate is properly qualified for the role at hand. Otherwise, you’ll be left with poor results and, potentially, a dangerous situation.

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