When it comes to building a successful company, having the right marketing team on board is absolutely imperative. Despite this, the best managers understand that any team needs the right leadership to help them blossom. Read on to discover the top tips on how to build a successful marketing team.

Understand your customers and what matters to them

All the best managers understand that the most important people to any business are existing customers. These individuals are already giving money to the business at hand, and their satisfaction with the brand will lead to extra promotion. Anyone who’s happy with a company will happily share their positive experience at every opportunity.

Focus on the 20% of the work that brings the 80% of the results

It’s vital that all companies pay particularly close attention to where their current marketing leads are coming from, which of these leads convert to customers, and which marketing channels are being used by the happiest and highest-paying customers. This stems from the fact that the best marketing practices focus on lead conversion.

Any company should be crystal clear about where their marketing spend has the highest ROI. Quite simply, these strategies, tactics, and channels are incredibly valuable to any marketing team.

Share value and offer solutions

Any manager will tell you that the purpose of any company is to offer a service that solves a problem. Consequently, marketing teams must offer valuable blogs and resources and create a personalised experience for the company’s users.

One way in which you might personalise a user’s experience is by writing a CTA to suit your company. For instance, CTAs such as “Buy Now”, “Order Here”, or “Contact Us” are incredibly generic. Instead, you should look to write the CTAs in a way that is specific to the business at hand.

List and audit all your marketing projects

All managers will suggest an effective project management tool that enables you to increase the visibility of what’s going on in your marketing team. This allows for a simple assessment of what should and shouldn’t be a priority for your team.

Routinely question how you do things

The motto of marketing teams across the UK is to make all processes as simple as possible. Nobody benefits from a complicated and long-winded process; instead, you should look to introduce more automation and simplify processes. Marketing automation tools effectively streamline workflows and integration tools, which facilitate syncing between apps. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve better results with minimal effort.

Check your marketing tech stack

Regardless of industry, a strong marketing team requires a strong marketing stack. This refers to a selection of tools that are used to power the marketing, such as the CRM tool. Since this is where all your data will be centralised, it’s imperative that the CRM is in good shape. In the absence of a solid CRM, it will become increasingly difficult to view and interact with the contacts, leads, and customers in your sales and marketing pipeline.

Follow a business-wide philosophy of doing more with less

Doing more with less doesn’t solely apply to marketing. In fact, this is a motto that can be applied to every aspect of business. In order to create a super streamlined process, businesses should refine their focus on where the results are coming from, as this is the most important area of any company.

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