Technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives, from communication to the way we live in the day-to-day. Over the years, technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices, helping people be more efficient and productive. Modern technology has also had a massive impact on the workplace, including the world of sales. New technology has made it easier for salespeople to capture their target audience. There’s a range of techniques, tools and methods that salespeople can use to convert and secure more clients. Below, we’re looking at some of the ways that technology has changed the salesperson’s role and how companies can utilise technology for the better, to move their business forward.


Over the years, it has become much easier for sales managers to quantify which sales approaches are working, whereas in the past, with less technology, there was no tangible way to assess the performance. Today’s CRM platforms have taken over the sales world. They allow companies to carefully track results and analyse data to see which salespeople are making conversions successfully. Therefore, the salesperson’s role has become more data-driven as a result of technology. CRM platforms streamline the sales process, allowing salespeople to be more efficient and create a stronger pipeline of leads.


Modern technology has paved the way for targeted selling. The explosion of social media has given salespeople more options for attracting and converting prospects. Social media allows salespeople to engage prospects in conversations and build relationships with them. Unlike in traditional cold calls, social media gives salespeople access to thousands of potential clients. To a large extent, new technology has made it easier for salespeople to succeed, due to the wide range of platforms that enable targeted prospecting. Technology has allowed salespeople to be able to dig deeper into customer profiles and learn more about the type of people using their services and products. So, the salesperson’s role has become more purpose-driven and more focused on customer knowledge.


It’s now easier than ever before for salespeople to research their prospects and find out more about customer’s needs. As a result of technology, the salesperson’s role has become much more instantaneous with multiple options to gather information and data, before meetings. The instant nature of the sales world has also enabled clients and customers to go directly to the salesperson for more information on the product. Therefore, technology has allowed salespeople to be able to build better relationships and much more quickly.


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