With the unpredictability of COVID-19, hybrid working is slowly becoming the norm. Hybrid working refers to the combination of working from home and in the office. Many companies have found that this is the best solution as they’re able to control the number of people coming into the office whilst not containing employees solely to their homes.

When the office was completely absent from people’s lives, many individuals found themselves struggling with loneliness and isolation. However, with the irregularity of the virus, a multitude of others find themselves anxious about entering the office. Therefore, a hybrid working environment is ideal in creating a balance.

Despite this, it’s widely believed that the engineering and technical field is a very hands-on sector, making a hybrid working environment difficult to achieve. Though many engineering and technical roles can’t be executed solely from home, there are days when a computer alone will suffice. As a result, a hybrid working environment is quite ideal for this field.

Better Productivity

One of the biggest pros to hybrid working is that many employees find themselves to be more productive in this mode of work. When employees are more productive, not only do they feel better in their job performance, but it directly benefits the company as a whole. If your employees are at their optimal productivity, the best and fastest quality work will be produced.

This productivity comes from the relaxed ambience of the home and the bustling atmosphere of the office. One or the other doesn’t work alone; you need this balance to create the best environment for a productive workflow.

Trust Building

When employees are working from home, it makes it a lot more difficult to oversee and monitor their progress. Therefore, a hybrid working model allows you to build trust amongst your team. If they produce the same or better quality work from home, you’ll know that your trust has paid off. Similarly, if their work is lacking as a result, you’ll know who’s a valuable asset to your team.

However, if your employees feel entrusted, they’re more likely to produce good quality work. People perform to the best of their ability when they feel appreciated by their company. The level of trust that hybrid working involves conveys this appreciation.

Better Work/Life Balance

When in the office five days a week between the hours of nine and five, it can feel like you don’t get the opportunity to spend time at home. On the other hand, solely working from home can make you feel lonely and isolated. Therefore, hybrid working creates the perfect balance. This balance is responsible for a person’s overall happiness as they’re able to manage stress and pressure in the best way.

A professional environment can be particularly stressful, and when subjected to this on a daily basis, your mentality will suffer. However, a home is a place of relaxation which can result in a lack of motivation. Ultimately, combining the two provides employees with the best outcome.

Increased Flexibility 

A flexible working model allows employees to mould their lives around their work. For example, employees with children will be able to take them to and from school on the days that they’re working from home. Not only is this much more convenient, but parents will appreciate the quality time that hybrid working gifts them with. Additionally, childcare is expensive, meaning that this model assists your employees with their finances.

Go Hybrid in 2022

For any questions regarding a hybrid working environment, get in touch with our team. We can advise you on the best practices and guide you forwards in this new working sphere.