Every business needs an effective way to stand out in the competitive marketplace. Whether you’re recruiting for sales people or marketers, you need to convince potential job applicants that your visions and values align perfectly with theirs, and that a career with your company will ultimately be more fruitful and more enjoyable than a job anywhere else.

This is where employer branding comes in. Employer branding is one of recruitment’s most potent buzzwords- and, when deployed correctly, it can be a very effective marketing tool. With an increasing number of employees influenced by an organisation’s employer brand in their job hunt, you’d expect employer branding to be high on their list of priorities. However, that’s not necessarily the case: 77% of businesses don’t mention their values or vision on LinkedIn, whilst a third don’t include the information on their website.

Despite what some businesses think, cultivating your employer brand is a valuable opportunity to stand out in the labour market and clinch those star hires before anybody else.

Here’s why you should be investing your time into improving it.

Applicants always search online first

When you can find anything at the touch of a button, the first place you’re going to turn to when you want to find a new job is inevitably going to be the Internet. Today’s jobseekers are savvier than ever before, using social media, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more to find out everything they can about their potential employers before deciding whether or not to apply to work for them. Take advantage of this to hook them with curated content, regularly-posted jobs and a website that reflects your visions, values and brand. After all, with 69% of job hunters more likely to apply to a job if a company actively manages its employer brand, the benefits of winning your candidates over via their computer screens is clear to see.

A great employer brand can make up for a low salary

Though money can be an important factor for some people when it comes to jobhunting, it’s also important to note that a strong employer brand can also play its part in helping win talented recruits over to your side. A considerate employer who invests time into setting up benefits like flexible working, a company car for the people that need it most, bonuses and even a culture of progression and regular training will go a long way to attracting the best people in the market. This is especially pertinent as one in three millennials– tomorrow’s workforce- prioritise social media freedom and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer. Coupled with the fact that 67% of candidates will accept lower pay if the company they apply to has online positive reviews, and there’s no excuse for not getting involved.

You’ll get more applications

The kind of activities that you should do to strengthen your employer brand- such as improving your website, posting on social media and writing articles to share online- should also increase the quality and quantity of applicants you get to your vacancies. 75% of people consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job, so it stands to reason that if you have a strong employer brand you’ll be attracting more applications, and will have a wider pool of relevant candidates to choose from: indeed, a strong employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants than a company that doesn’t spend time cultivating theirs.

You can save money

Marketing doesn’t have to cost anything if your brand does the talking for you. With strong employer branding, you can effortlessly attract candidates, thereby spending less money on targeted advertising and PPC campaigns to reach your target audience. According to LinkedIn, companies with stronger employer brands also see a 43% decrease when it comes to cost per candidate they hire, compared to their competitors: when you take into account the fact that employee turnover is also lower, the result is an approach that can save money whilst also promoting your business into the bargain.

Employees will be happier and want to stay

Employer branding isn’t just invaluable when it comes to attracting talented recruits: it can also boost employee loyalty. If your staff feel proud to work for a company that cares about its employees- and shows it- they’ll be more engaged. Companies with a strong brand often benefit from a 28% reduction in turnover, and 98% of respondents in a recent Marketing Week survey said that a good working environment was important to them, so it’s clear to see just how dearly your staff value their colleagues and working space. The ultimate benefit? The positive reviews that employees publish on sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor will play their part in attracting the next star hire to your offices.

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