There are a lot of things that set the good apart from the bad. Sales is a high-stakes game, and to thrive you need to combine your drive and ambition with flair, experience and an eye for a deal. However, it’s all too easy to take it too far, or to push just that little bit too hard with a customer, and impact your chances of closing a deal as a result.

In sales, it’s important to get it right: using bad sales techniques will eventually affect your bottom line. With only 18% of buyers convinced that they trust sales people, you need to have every advantage on your side if you want to close the deal and establish a close working relationship with your clients.

To make sure you don’t fall into the same trap, take a look at yourself and your team. Ask yourself, if any of the traits in our video apply to you? If so, you need to fix it before it’s too late. Have a watch to find out:


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