Working in sales can be a demanding business. With targets to meet, accounts to manage, and striking deals with new leads a constant thought in many sales people’s minds, your team needs an excellent manager to motivate, raise morale and get people hitting their targets on time.

With 82% of workers saying they’ve experienced bad leadership in the workplace, taking the time to cultivate a great management strategy will pay off when it comes to motivating the workforce. Indeed, with high-performing companies spending up to twice as much on developing good leadership strategies as their competitors- and reaping triple or quadruple the results for their efforts- it’s of paramount importance that managers know what motivates sales teams in order to stay competitive in the market.

Here are some top motivational techniques for getting the most out of your sales team.

Understand your team’s personal and professional goals

What do your team want? It’s all very well deciding what their workplace goals should be, but the key to successfully motivating somebody lies in discovering what they want to achieve, both in and out of work. Take your employees aside and talk to them: which fields do they like working in? Where do they feel they could improve? Where do they see themselves in five years’ time? By understanding what motivates them, both in their personal and professional lives, you’ll have a much better understanding of what drives them, and will be able to support them better as a result.

Ask your direct reports how they like to be managed

Highly engaged employees are 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets. Make it easy for them to do so by tailoring your management style to their personal preferences.

Different people like different styles of management: some employees will thrive on knowing exactly what is expected of them; others like structure, and still others don’t like to be hassled by their managers. By listening to their concerns and adapting the way in which you check in on them, you’ll not only give them the space or support they need to hit their targets, but you’ll show your sales people that you’re the kind of leader that listens and takes their criticism on board.

Involve them in goal setting, KPIs and targets

Nobody knows how achievable a target is better than the people who are expected to achieve them- and who do so for a living. Of course, the business will have its goals for employees to reach, but involve your team when it comes to setting achievable targets for the month or year ahead. People like to feel included, and by working and hitting targets together, your team will not only feel like they’re part of a strong, cohesive unit, but it will give them a greater sense of achievement when they reach their goals, as they are personally invested in hitting them.

Track and share success publicly

It’s a well-known fact that sales people are competitive, and that they love to win, whether it’s sealing a deal or hitting and exceeding their targets for the month. 65% of employees feel that they receive no recognition for their work, so don’t make the same mistake: share the good news around and give your employees the recognition that they deserve. Not only does this help to increase morale, but sharing good news with the team will encourage other employees to do better, and increase the sense of healthy competition with their co-workers.

Don’t ask people to do what you wouldn’t do yourself

One thing the best managers do is lead by example. Let your employees see you rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in with the rest of them, rather than simply staying in your office and delegating. The values of integrity, authenticity and empathy are rising in the average Briton’s ideal of their workplace manager, increasing by as much as 10% over the past three years. Make an effort to show that in the way you manage: whether it’s through staying in for early starts and late finishes, conducting CRM activity with your sales people or holding difficult customer meetings, showing that you’re willing to take on the tasks that most of your team do every day will go a long way to earning their appreciation and respect.

Provide top-notch training and development

The key to retaining today’s employees is to offer them the training they need to progress in their career. With 60% of millennials considering the most attractive job perk to be the right growth opportunities, and career growth opportunities sending employee engagement skyrocketing within the workplace, it’s clear to see that giving your employees the chance to grow can pay off a hundredfold when it comes to their job, especially when it comes to retaining ambitious sales people.

It doesn’t even have to be costly. Though structured training is great, you can also make a difference by providing your staff with the equipment they need to grow and develop within their roles. From something as simple as arranging seminars for your team to attend, to flagging up recommended books, blogs and podcasts, you can demonstrate your commitment to upskilling your workforce, and gain their loyalty as a result.

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