In this day and age, it’s very easy for employees to lose themselves in their work, especially at a time when the cost of living is consistently rising. Therefore, suitable engineering manager goals include offering much more than just physical facilities. The engineering management roles and responsibilities are to facilitate your team in separating their home life from their professional life. This helps ensure that your employees are happy in their roles, as they’re provided with the means to take a break. After all, one of the key engineering manager requirements is to prevent burn-out and optimise productivity.

Respect time off

Perhaps one of the most important engineering manager roles and responsibilities is to treat their employees’ breaks and time off as sacred. It is inhuman to expect people to come to work during their time off period unless the need for such is completely unavoidable. Over the course of their life, most people grow to be dissatisfied with their jobs, which is why you should encourage your employees to use their time off constructively. Additionally, encouraging proper breaks within the day enables employees to relax and recharge their tired brains. The right engineering management tools and techniques can help keep employees refreshed.

Support family time

Engineering management roles and responsibilities include realising that employees have a life outside of work, and supporting them in the enjoyment of such is important. Other people’s commitments need to be honoured as if they’re your own; for instance, parents may need to leave early from work to pick their children up from school. One of the most essential engineering manager job requirements is to show that you understand such things. Depicting yourself as a caring employer creates a good reputation for your business and increases your employee retention rate.

Encourage time off

It’s not uncommon for employees to sacrifice their time off in favour of extra hours to earn more money. Despite this, holidays are a necessity and not a luxury, meaning you should encourage employees to take their time off work seriously. This helps them switch off and enjoy themselves, which reduces the possibility of work-related stress. One of the most useful engineering management techniques is treating your employees as humans rather than machines. We all need an opportunity to unwind every now and again, and we shouldn’t be expected to churn out work non-stop.

Establish boundaries

To establish boundaries, employers should create strict working hours. Typically speaking, employees won’t be thrilled about completing additional hours of work; however, others may require the extra money. With this being said, working outside of your set working times can cause more harm than good for employee wellbeing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that working hours are respected and extra hours are scrapped. An eight-hour working day makes it hard enough to find time for the things we enjoy; don’t make it even harder by piling hours on top of that.

Overtime is not a culture

In many businesses, working for long hours, even during the night, is a normal thing; however, this should not be the case. The human body requires rest to perform and overtime only tires employees over work that can be completed the next day. In most cases, employees are forced to work extra hours because of unreasonable work sharing. Instead, teamwork should be encouraged, rather than placing the burden entirely on a single person; it’s always a good idea to share tasks within departments.

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