If you want to build a top-performing sales team that consistently hits their targets, you need to make sure you have the right personnel. The most successful salespeople are ambitious, persistent and highly motivated. These are traits that should be identified in the interview stage. However, it’s always important that salespeople can translate their interview success to performance on the job. Ultimately, the success of salespeople is measured by results – but there are several different traits and characteristics that demonstrate competence and expertise. Here’s an overview of how you can tell that you’ve hired an excellent salesperson.


The top-performing salespeople are highly engaged. They believe in the company and their product, which means they can sell with more confidence. There’s nothing more important than employee engagement. According to research by Gallup, highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. Employee engagement should be central to any business strategy. When employees are happy at your organisation, they’ll be more likely to participate in additional assignments, and take on more challenging tasks. Top salespeople will surpass their targets and show they’re engaged through open communication. If you see these qualities in your salespeople, reward and encourage them, as you’ll want to continue to foster a culture of high engagement throughout your company.


It’s paramount that salespeople have a positive outlook as they will be working under pressure to achieve targets and expectations. Rejection is commonplace in the sales world, especially when it comes to cold calling. That’s why sales roles require someone who is positive and is able to stay calm in the face of uncertainty. A good salesperson won’t be discouraged and will remain proactive, and eager to take advantage of the resources your company provides. Positivity is one of the key traits of any salesperson.


Research has shown that it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer. This makes it all the more important that your salespeople are resilient and determined to secure deals with customers. Resiliency is the ability to recover from mistakes and challenges, instead of recoiling in fear and becoming negative. It’s this characteristic that sets high-performing salespeople apart from the rest. The best salespeople are committed to overcoming obstacles and making tough decisions. Sales leaders must be able to provide an environment of resiliency and teamwork, which can increase morale and confidence.


While the number of closed deals is normally the most accurate indicator of salespeople performing at work, the ability to build meaningful relationships with prospects is a key quality too. At heart, sales roles are about establishing strong relationships with other people. Instead of simply focusing on selling the product, good salespeople should understand how to build a connection with the customer. The top salespeople take an interest in the buyer and show they care, which can improve the chances of making a sale. Without building a meaningful relationship, customers won’t feel as engaged in the product and may not view the salesperson as trustworthy. Thus, the best salespeople focus on people first, then the product.


Most of the successful salespeople are focused on their goals, have a strong work ethic, and bring a sense of urgency. Achieving maximum sales every day should be the main priority for a salesperson. However, the best salespeople will also have a need to influence and interact with people, and build bonds with others throughout your business. Self-motivation and the ability to take initiative is hugely important in sales roles. If a new member of your team is fixated on achieving their targets, there’s a high chance they have the potential to develop into an outstanding salesperson.


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