The graduate recruitment agency investing in your future sales performance

Future proof your company by hiring the best emerging talent on the market with services provided by our graduate recruitment company.  Our graduate recruitment services ensure graduate candidates have the structure, knowledge, and confidence to realise their potential through professional sales training.

Hire a graduate with our graduate recruitment agency

Employing graduates can be a powerful way to build the most loyal and effective teams possible. By empowering us to undertake graduate schemes advertising, you can take on freshly trained employees that are ready to hit the ground running, with enthusiasm and a desire to succeed. BMS creates graduate careers for only the best grads, by assessing them against the five behaviours below in our graduate recruitment schemes.

1. Effective questioning

An ability to probe effectively, to fact find, to interpret different situations and use judgement and logic to develop potential solutions.

2. Persuasive communication

Communicate effectively and sensitively with others whilst also being able to change hearts and minds. Able to deliver information concisely and accurately.

3. Relationship building

Able to establish positive relationships and mutual respect with people at all levels. The ability to engage effectively both face-to-face and over the phone.

4. Resilience and tenacity

Positive ‘can do’ sense of inner confidence, resilience and integrity. Ability to handle confrontation.

5. Delivering outcomes

Is highly motivated to achieve success by setting goals and striving to exceed them, whilst also able to organise and plan work effectively.


Graduate recruitment schemes with BMS Performance

Our sales graduate scheme delivers the perfect graduate candidates directly to you. Investing heavily in attracting the best graduate talent, we assess each graduate against the five specific behaviours detailed above to ensure they achieve success. They then embark on a 12-month development programme to ensure that they are ready to perform quickly and effectively.

Benefits of graduate schemes for employers

There are many reasons why you should hire a graduate with a graduate recruitment agency, including:

  • Graduate schemes are an affordable hiring option
  • You help to bridge the gap between university and work
  • They help to identify the best new talent
  • Graduates offer fresh perspectives and innovation to your business
  • They offer an opportunity to grow your business
  • You can diversify your workforce
  • Employing a graduate recruiter can help to increase your company’s value

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