Advance Your Engineering Career with BMS Performance

Give yourself the best possible chance of making a positive move in your career by working with BMS Performance. Our team have a wealth of experience in working with new and experienced engineering candidates and matching them up with the best role for them.

We are an engineering recruitment agency that cares about more than simply filling vacancies, we go out of our way to find our candidates a rewarding job that matches their career aspirations. That means whether you are an experienced engineer looking to move up the career ladder into a senior position, or if you are a graduate looking to break into the industry, our team can help you.

Having worked with businesses in various sectors for many years, we have built up a rapport with employers. That means as a candidate, you can benefit from our priceless contacts and relationships that we can utilise to open doors for you where you may have otherwise struggled to receive a response.

How BMS Performance Makes the Difference

Applying with one of the UK’s most reputable engineering recruitment agencies will immediately give you an advantage over the rest of the field. Why? Because our team do not just simply forward on your application without first giving it the once over ourselves. We will take time to review your application and look at ways we can highlight your skills so employers do not miss them.

On average, an employer will spend no longer than seven seconds casting their eye over a CV before moving onto the next one. If your application doesn’t stand out, regardless of whether you are the best fit for the role, you should not expect to receive a response.

We know exactly what the employers we work with are looking for in those seven seconds, and we can tailor your application to suit. With the help of the BMS Performance team, we will compile the best application possible, helping you to shine in front of your next potential employer.

Openings for New and Experienced Engineers

Whether you have recently graduated and are looking to get your foot in the door, or if you have many years of engineering experience on your CV, there will be a vacancy suitable for you. We are an engineering recruitment agency with positions in London and most other areas in the UK, so wherever you are in the country you will find something that suits you.

Please browse the list of vacancies on our website today or, alternatively, get in contact with a member of our team directly for more information on how we can help to progress your engineering career.

Performance is everything Performance is everything

Set up in 1990 we now have over 200 employees operating across 11 offices in 15 specialist divisions. We run over 60 training courses and 100 in-house training programmes a year and to date have helped over 40,000 professionals find new and rewarding roles. Get in touch today and let us help you take the next step in your career.

BMS helped me both personally and professionally – the advice I was given will stay with me throughout my career.

Technical Designer, Cordek