What is marketing? Every business uses it. And those that eschew it really don’t last very long.

Marketing is the discipline that drives people to your door to buy your products, and then ensures that those products are delivered to your customers at a price which denotes a fair exchange of value, and gives you profitability.

Your company brand is fundamental in getting that message across to your audience – and that audience includes your workforce, your clients, your partners, your stakeholders… and your future recruits.

The most talented marketing people will be excited and inspired by your company’s brand – they will recognise that as a company you put a lot of importance on the marketing function, and for any marketeer worth their weight in gold, this will indicate to them that they will be encouraged and supported in their work.

So, what are the best way to use your brand to attract the best marketing people to your company?

Extend your brand values into the workplace

Your working environment should be an extension of the brand values that give your organisation its identity. Workplace branding should focus on the journey a typical employee would follow during the course of their tenure. From the perks and the benefits, the emphasis on achieving a work-life balance, to the onboarding, to the professional development and training opportunities, to future promotion prospects.

Are employees generally happy and content with the working environment? Is the atmosphere collaborative and encouraging, what importance is placed on social issues?

All these areas feed into the internal brand of your company and will be the values by which potential new recruits will judge your company.

Promote these values

A specific marketing campaign around working for your company will help to promote your business both as a responsible and forward thinking employer, but also as one which has an eye on the community that supports it.

Maintain a consistent tone of voice

Spend some time making sure that the messaging and the ton of voice you use in your branding is consistent, relevant and clear. Often, this is the area in which companies fall down the most. They get all the right systems in place, but don’t know how to convey the message.

Don’t forget – you are looking for the best people in marketing. If your message is muddled, if your tone of voice grates, they will immediately pick up on this and look elsewhere.

Put in place a comprehensive digital media marketing campaign

Your recruitment drives should not be just restricted to those times when you are looking for new staff but run consistently throughout the year to ensure that you build up a good database of talent to draw on when you need it.

You need to maintain regular social media presence. Prospective candidates will regularly peruse LinkedIn for opportunities, so your LinkedIn profile should be kept constantly up to date, with fresh, new, on brand stories coming out weekly, if not more. This demonstrates that you are a proactive, forward thinking company with its finger on the pulse of many important issues.

Don’t ignore other social media platforms either. Providing they are relevant to your prospective candidate, and your posts maintain the brand values you are promoting, then they all add to the compounding effect of the image you are trying to portray.

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