Given the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in 2017, apprenticeship standards are proving to be a credible and innovative way of training and upskilling your workforce through a structured programme of ‘off the job’ training and coaching.

BMS Performance has partnered with the Association of Professional Sales (APS) as the Trailblazer Group for the Level 4 Sales Executive Standard. The APS is a leading community for sales people, continually working to raise the standards and professionalism of the sales industry



Act fast and don’t waste your apprenticeship levy

The apprenticeship levy was introduced by the UK government in April 2017. It affects all UK employers with an annual wage bill over £3 million who now have to contribute 0.5% of their wage bill to the levy.

Levy-paying employers can use this money to fund  sales apprenticeship training programmes – whether for upskilling existing staff or investing in new recruits, at all levels and age groups. Funds left in your digital account will be lost after 24 months and allocated to non-levy paying employers so you need to act fast.

Why sales apprenticeships are brilliant for business

Employers now have a huge choice of apprenticeship training programmes to support the development of their people. Teaming up with a training provider such as BMS Performance to design and deliver your sales apprenticeship programme will add long term value to your business, provide a sustainable learning and development programme and deliver an efficient way of using the funds accrued in your digital levy account.

Sales apprenticeships help boost sales performance

Promoting the sales function of your business as a professional and credible vocation will transform the perception of the role. A robust and practical sales apprenticeship programme will revolutionise the performance and capability of your team, generating a sustainable increase in sales performance and create a succession plan for your business.

Why use BMS Performance

We’ve been helping businesses improve the performance of their sales teams for almost 30 years now so we know what success looks like. With our knowledge and expertise we use a combination of classroom training, coaching and eLearning to maximise your sales teams’ potential and develop highly skilled sales people that deliver results.

‘The Association of Professional Sales is the only independent organisation who understands the needs of global sales organisations and can therefore assess, validate and recognise sellers across providers, companies, and countries’

Set up in 1990 we now have over 200 employees operating internationally across 11 offices in 15 specialist divisions. We interview 500 candidates a week, run 60 training courses and 100 in-house training programmes a year and have helped improve the performance of our clients by recruiting over 40,000 professionals.

BMS designed a great interactive training course and delivered beyond our expectations.

Sales Director, Timothy Taylor