Time Management

Develop the skills to enable you to understand others,
create balance and proactively manage your workload


The workshop is about noticing what helps and hinders you in the way you manage your time. It will offer you an easy to use toolkit that you will be able to proactively start using straight away so you can be in control of your time and effectively and efficiently manage your workload.

The course has components of theory, discussion and practical, sessions including ‘real life’
planning, account mapping and initiative setting activities.

Training objectives
• Identify preferred personal communication styles and best ways to communicate effectively with others to impact positively on your workload
• Use two time management processes to successfully prioritise and balance your workload
• Identify a SMART project/workload journey map using objective setting umbrella planning to ensure
workload/project milestones can be consistently monitored, and goals achieved

Training syllabus
• Who are you
• Your communication type preference
• Prioritising what I do
• Time stealers and time givers
• Time toolkit; RPS, 4Ds, Energy
• Designing your week
• SMART objectives
• Umbrella planning
• Saying no
• Action planning

Target audience
Anyone who needs to review their current time
management capabilities will benefit from attending
this workshop. It is open to all levels of experience, across all industries and in any job function.

” A fun course with valuable
information which I will use in my day to day activities”