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Personal Brand

Taking steps to create your personal brand and improve
personal impact

‘Personal Brand’ is a one day interactive masterclass designed to look at how you see the world and
how the world sees you. As part of this values based programme you will decide on your own unique
personal brand and learn the 5 keys to creating positive personal impact. These keys will allow you to
unlock your potential to effectively communicate in every day work and personal situations.

Training objectives

• Identifying, defining and being clear on your unique Personal Brand
• Understanding how to use the 5 Keys of Personal Impact effectively
• Plan for, and engage in conversations using assertive communication tools and techniques

Training syllabus

• Circle of Impact
• Identifying your Personal Brand
• Understanding and creating the 5 Keys of Personal Impact
• Creating positive 1st and lasting impressions
• Building and maintaining rapport
• Understanding listening
• Using questions effectively
• Responding effectively to conflict
• Taking action

Target audience

This course can help anyone in a professional business role who wants the opportunity to genuinely
self reflect, understand themselves and recognise the impact their positive and negative behaviours
have on the world.


“Very interesting and thought provoking course!”