The aim of this 2 day course is to build upon the skills, knowledge and experience already gained in a professional sales environment. It delivers a modern sales methodology and demonstrates the benefits of understanding both personal impact and buyer motivation to secure profitable relationships.

Designed to be interactive, insightful and practical, this workshop can be used to further develop sales professionals and to add structure and advanced techniques to their sales process.

Training objectives

• To examine individual effectiveness and impact
• To provide further tools and ideas to reinforce and develop awareness and abilities
• To provide a forum to discuss best practice
• To create a ‘best in class’ sales process

Training syllabus

• The principle of marginal gains
• Behaviours of the best
• Developing self-awareness
• Understanding and working with buyers
• Enhancing the structured sales process
• Personal strategic planning and preparation
• Delivering an impact opening
• Creating lasting first impressions
• Uncovering explicit and implicit needs and pains
• Delivering benefit-driven solutions
• Dealing with resistance
• Self-coaching

Target audience

This course is designed for sales professionals who have exposure to a sales process and would benefit from more structure and help to refine this to achieve more from their business interactions.