Interviewing sales people | BMS Performance

Get it right the first time



This workshop will provide a process to interview and assess sales professionals. Created to build on the skills and experience you have already gained, it will deliver further awareness of the challenges and opportunities of this business critical task.

Training objectives

• Provide an overview of the current recruitment landscape
• Recognise the challenges and the importance of getting it right first time
• Introduce a proven blue-print for conducting structured interviews

Training syllabus

• The recruitment landscape
• The hidden cost of sales recruitment
• Opportunities in the appointment
• Establishing your ‘must haves’
• Capability vs experience
• Identifying transferable skills
• Adopting a structured approach to interviews
• 4 Step Interview Model
• Creating the right environment

Target audience

• Regional Sales Managers
• National Sales Managers
• UK Sales Managers
• Sales Directors
• HR Managers
• HR Directors

Training outcomes

• Harness the potential of capability based selection
• Develop a succession plan for the future of your business
• Create a professional and credible first impression

” A truly engaging session, with clear outcomes and a redefined approach to assessing talent  HR Director, Hager Group