Assertiveness | BMS Performance


Equipping you with the skills to communicate with people in a more productive way

This one day interactive workshop will help you create and maintain effective relationships by giving you a range of tools to prepare, respond, and engage in more assertive conversations. By avoiding an
automatic aggressive or passive response, you can instead choose your responses and utilise a more
productive communication style with customers, your team mates, and people in your life with ease.

Training objectives
• Identify your own, and other peoples communication styles
• Identify ways to assertively engage and positively maintain customer relationships
• Plan for, and engage in conversations using assertive communication tools and techniques

Training syllabus
• Communication styles
• Personal awareness
• Situational assertiveness
• Relationship management
• Motivation
• Giving feedback
• Conflict management
• Planning assertive conversations
• Taking action

Target audience
For anyone who finds their natural communication style to be aggressive or passive and want to acquire the skills to have positive, assertive interactions.

“Excellent course, very well organised. Really enjoyed it
and found value throughout”