A thoroughly enlightening 2 day module designed to share ideas and experiences on account management and development. Focusing on account retention and account growth, it is a practical course aimed at all sales professionals who manage transactional or contractual business relationships with their customers.

The course has components of theory, discussion and practical exercises with interactive sessions involving real life planning, account mapping and initiative setting exercises.

Training objectives

• To understand the four key elements of successful account management
• To review and enhance current account management methods
• To define the elements of an effective and strategic account plan

Training syllabus

• The D4 Account Management Model
• Dealing with customer and market challenges
• The flexible Account Manager
• Adopting a structured approach
• Adapting to different business cultures
• Establishing authority and influence
• Increasing your contact surface within an account
• Balancing relationship with reward
• Staying ahead of the competition
• Planning for success
• Managing internal alignment
• Time management
• Maintaining quality and exceeding expectations

Target audience

Account management is a skill needed by all that manage on-going relationships with customers. Suitable for people in internal or external sales roles that deal with a number of decision makers at all levels in multiple functions.