Selling into the education market, steering conversations away from price and towards value

what was the training need?

Discovery Education empowers teachers and captivates pupils by providing high-quality, dynamic, digital content to primary and secondary schools across the UK. They are passionate about and committed to enhancing the way teachers teach and students learn; adding meaning and relevance to the school curriculum and helping teachers and students alike to reach their full potential.

Their training need:

  • They had three teams they were looking to invest in and improve general negotiating and objection handling skills; Business Development, Renewals and Internal Sales.
  • With a real mix of different abilities, experience and channel, it had proved difficult to deliver something internally that appealed to everyone’s needs.
  • The aim of the training was to reinvigorate their passion for the brand and focus their conversations on the real value they can add in the schools they work with.



Understand challenges

Before the training took place, we worked with the individual Sales Managers to understand more about their teams, the challenges they come across and where they see the opportunity for improvement.

Add value to conversations

By understanding their current process, we were able to identify areas in which real value could be added in their conversations.

Interactive workshops

We developed a framework for all teams to use to strengthen their sales conversations and shared techniques to enable win:win outcomes from their negotiations. This was delivered to the teams in a high impact, interactive, 2 day workshop.


“The team said it was one of the BEST training sessions ever! I was so blown away by everyone’s response, never usually get such overwhelmingly positive
feedback from a course.”



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