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“The Sales Executive Apprenticeship is a ground breaking, turning point in delivering the key skills every salesperson needs to succeed.” David Bill – Managing Director, BMS Training and Education

Why choose a Sales Apprenticeship with BMS

The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship is a comprehensive sales development programme with accompanying on the job training, formal assessment and a recognised qualification in professional selling. It is a way for individuals to gain valuable skills and knowledge whilst working in a b2b sales role.

The apprentice gains experience through a blended learning programme of workplace learning, eLearning, skills development activities, formal off-the-job training and the opportunity to practise and apply new skills in a real work environment.

BMS Performance is listed on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) and are the UK’s foremost provider of the Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship. We will work with you to identify the skills development needs of the team and develop a curriculum to ensure it is aligned with your products, services and markets. The programme will be expertly facilitated by our team of industry and skills specialist coaches, trainers and tutors


The Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship Standard provides the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive Sales Development Programme to individuals and teams within your business, using the funds accrued in your digital apprenticeship service (DAS) account, via the apprenticeship levy. We are able to deliver the apprenticeship for individual learners through our Open Course Programme or for Employer Only in-house cohorts.

 The apprenticeship is aligned to the Level 4 Diploma in Executive Selling accredited by The Association of Professional Sales (APS), the UK’s only recognised body representing the sales profession. The compliance and quality requirements of the programme are set out and regulated by the ESFA and Ofsted.

“All Sales Qualifications, Accreditations and Apprenticeships taken with BMS Performance come with the APS quality mark and are recognised across the sales industry and community.”

Andy Hough, APS CEO

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Who we’ve worked with

The Support

Development Coach

This is your main point of contact who will coach and support you to achieve the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the apprenticeship standard. They will provide guidance, offer insight and prepare you for end-point assessment whilst ensuring the journey is individualised to you.

Line Manager

Your line manager is best placed to be your workplace mentor for the duration of your apprenticeship. They can support you through the programme and provide you with development opportunities, off the job training, 121 support and meet with you and your Development Coach at regular intervals to review your progress and performance against the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the apprenticeship standard.

BMS Performance Facilitator

A Facilitator is the person who delivers the group workshop elements of your apprenticeship. They are experts in b2b sales training and bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience of developing individuals to become credible, structured and exceptional salespeople.

Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)

The IQA quality assures our apprenticeship provision to ensure the experience of the learner and employer is of the highest possible standard. This role ensures BMS Performance Training and Education works in alignment with quality standards for further education as outlined by Ofsted, The ESFA, our associated awarding organisations and other sector specific professional bodies.

End Point Assessor

This is the person who will assess your performance against the standard at your End Point Assessment. They will contact you when you reach the gateway stage of your apprenticeship, and assign you titles to complete the ‘Work-based Projects’.

Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is available to respond to any safeguarding and well-being concerns you may have. They are responsible for ensuring that learner safety and wellbeing is treated with the highest regard and that all employees of BMS Performance are trained appropriately to be able to safeguard learners and themselves.

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Remote Education Offer

We have moved delivery of the L4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship 100% online. Our ePortfolio
system Aptem enables each learner to experience a comprehensive programme of learning that
develops their knowledge, skills and behaviours as a salesperson, and prepares them for success in the apprenticeship at end-point assessment.

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