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Grow your business with a top sales recruitment agency

Building the right team of sales representatives is crucial to the success of your business. Don’t just hire a salesperson – call on the help of a leading sales recruiter with BMS Performance. Our sales recruiters will scour the sales talent pool, laser focused on the qualities that you are looking for in a new team member.

We pride ourselves on being a sales recruitment agency that businesses can trust, working closely with our clients to ensure a quality service that delivers great results. As a leading sales recruitment agency, we have a reputation for building lasting relationships with our clients. We’ll simplify the recruitment process and focus on hiring sales people that will make a valuable asset to your team, so that you can concentrate on managing your business and delivering results.

Recruiting for sales talent

Successful sales recruitment can be a complicated process. Whilst some skills are transferable, many sales positions require employees to have specialist knowledge and skills. BMS Performance is an experienced sales recruitment agency – we won’t just supply you with generic sales CVs. We work with you to understand the skills and experience you need to make sure that your next hire can go to work quickly, generating sales and keeping your business on target. We have specialist teams who focus on sales recruitment within markets such as:

Professional Services, Technical & Construction, Media, Export, Media, FMCG, Healthcare and Business Services.

Your sales recruiter will work with you to understand the sales talent, skills and experience that you are looking for when you hire a salesperson. We are a dedicated business development recruitment agency – we don’t just want to fill a vacancy, we’re committed to hiring sales people with the ability to take your business to the next level.

Trust our talented sales recruitment agency

There’s a lot to consider within the recruitment process, which is why so many managers outsource this task to a sales recruitment agency such as ourselves. Your sales recruiter will work to make your life easier by searching for sales talent, sifting through CVs and organising interviews, leaving you to focus on running and developing your business.

We are experts in recruiting business development specialists, executives, graduates and hiring sales people with the drive to make a difference, making BMS Performance one of the leading recruitment agencies sales companies call on to streamline the sales recruitment process. It’s our mission to present you with quality sales talent that we believe would be a good fit for your company. With the help of our help, you’ll never find yourself wasting time in the recruitment process or searching for a sales employment agency again.

Regardless of your business’ requirements, our recruitment specialists are able to listen, evaluate, and craft a customised recruitment strategy. We promise to build a bespoke experience that delivers the results you’re looking for, whether you’re simply looking to hire a salesperson or begin the executive sales recruitment process.

You’ll never be presented with a batch of generic CVs. Our recruitment specialists take the time to consider every requirement of the role and the business, leaving you with only the best sales talent for the vacancy. Get in touch with BMS Performance today and find out how our sales recruitment agency can streamline your recruitment strategy and help you to hire a salesperson hassle-free.


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