One of the biggest obstacles to managing a marketing team is preventing them from getting burnt out. Typically speaking, we spend more of our waking hours at work than we do at home, meaning that it’s easy to become consumed by your profession. As a result, it’s imperative that managers do all they can to support their team and alleviate any concerns that they may have.

All employers must be dedicated to ensuring employee wellbeing and preventing burnout. Be sure to follow our tips and tricks to keep your marketing team satisfied in their role and happy and healthy in their job.

What workplace stress results in

Managers across the globe will tell you that workplace stress can be detrimental to an employee’s wellbeing. In fact, workplace stress can lead to exhaustion and energy depletion, negative or cynical feelings towards work, and reduced productivity. It goes without saying that no manager wants this for their marketing team; however, burnout can sneak up on you much faster than you think and is more widespread now than ever before. Therefore, it’s vital that marketing managers put the right provisions in place to protect their staff from burnout for their own wellbeing, as well as the welfare of the business.

How managers can set the tone for their teams

All companies place an emphasis on the importance of managers setting the tone for the rest of their team. For instance, it’s down to the managers to identify signs of burnout in their employees and take action against this. Despite this, it’s also vital to put safeguards in place that enable employees to avoid reaching this state. Team care needs to be at the forefront of all managers’ priorities; however, it’s not always clear what provisions are required. Therefore, it’s important to steer your marketing team in the right direction when it comes to catering to their wellbeing at work.

Communicate tasks and goals

All managers understand the importance of communication in a professional setting. Most of the stress in professional marketing settings stems from uncertainty, which is why clear communication can make the difference between a stressed and relaxed employee. Be sure to transparently tell each of your employees what you expect them to do on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, you should be approachable so that they feel as though they can confide in you if they’re unable to reach the goals that have been set for them. This clarity will let your team know where they stand, maintaining a comfortable working environment.

Be intentional about combatting stress

Stress is something that isn’t often addressed, and signs of such are ignored. Although stress is something that everyone experiences, there is still a stigma surrounding it, whereby it isn’t deemed acceptable to talk about. As a team leader, you should work to squash this stigma and invite your employees to discuss their worries and do what you can to relieve them of such. Your intention to combat stress will shine through, which will ultimately make your marketing team more comfortable about opening up.

Set the environment, set the tone

Here at BMS Performance in the UK, we understand the way managers run a business ultimately sets the tone for the entire company. For instance, not replacing team members might seem like an effective cost-saving measure; however, this affects the stress levels of the remaining team. The role of a manager is to make the correct decisions to make the professional atmosphere as comfortable as possible and marketing job recruitment agencies can help you achieve this.

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