Hybrid working models are relatively new concepts that emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, lots of people find themselves asking “what is hybrid working?” Quite simply, a hybrid is a thing made by combining two different elements. In terms of work, this applies to the combination of working in the office and working from home. This model is not suited to all fields of work, but for marketing jobs, it’s quite easy to adapt from office working to home working. Despite this, the difficulty comes with how to manage a marketing team in a hybrid work environment.

Managing digital marketing teams in this context can be a tricky task because it’s not as easy to motivate a team via a computer screen. However, with the help of BMS, hybrid working can be a greatly effective tool in managing your marketing business.

Be Supportive

Whether during a pandemic or under normal circumstances, your primary duty as a manager is to support your employees. Although, with the financial insecurity and social turmoil that a pandemic creates, your employees need your support more than ever.

Some of your employees will feel anxious about returning to the office, whereas some will feel they are at a professional disadvantage when working from home. This is why it’s vital that you support and facilitate a hybrid working environment.

The best way to show support to your employees is to encourage and welcome one-on-one discussions. You should ask them how they feel about the current circumstances, and this will allow you to cater to their best interests when establishing a hybrid working environment.

Set Expectations

Continuing with this idea of open communication, you should discuss with your team what you expect of the business in these circumstances. You should address what needs to change and also what you would like to keep the same.

Similarly, you should talk to employees about how they plan to structure their working hours. You will need to reach a compromise that suits the best interest of the employees and the company alike.

Be Flexible

As of right now, we can’t be certain of what lies ahead; government guidelines are prone to changing and schools are susceptible to closing. Schools closing will put parents in difficult positions when scheduling their working hours and flexibility will greatly aid them in doing so.

Additionally, if government guidelines result in everyone working from home once again, hybrid working means that the measures will already be in place to facilitate this. Ultimately, your marketing company will need to be prepared for changing circumstances.

Emphasise Inclusion

One way to ensure that all employees are included, whether in the office or not, is to hold all meetings via an online platform. This makes certain that no one is left out of the loop of the working sphere, meaning that no one is left at a disadvantage.

Similarly, as a manager, you can’t tolerate employees talking about colleagues who aren’t in the office in a negative light. Instead, you should facilitate open team discussions to guarantee that everyone is included in the decision-making processes.

Strive For Fairness

In a hybrid working environment, it can be more difficult to prevent your own biases from imposing on your professional model. It’s human nature to prefer some people to others, but in a professional atmosphere, everyone must be treated fairly.

You might want your preferred employees in the office more frequently than those you don’t necessarily connect with, but this must be avoided at all costs. Be sure to distribute your time to your employees equally to ensure a fair working atmosphere.

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