It’s safe to say that we’re now in a society that’s dominated by technology, and the use of AI recruitment software is gradually becoming the norm. This development has caused much controversy, with many professionals feeling uncomfortable about leaving decisions of this calibre to machines. Despite this, if companies are to keep up with the ever-growing influence of technology, some trust needs to be invested in AI recruitment solutions.

To that end, detailed below are just some of the ways in which AI can be employed in recruitment processes.

Define your ideal candidate profile

Even before you start sourcing candidates, using AI in recruitment allows you to analyse your existing team and identify the skills and traits that make the department successful. This data can then be used to create an ideal candidate profile, which can be used as a benchmark for recruitment efforts. Sourcing the right candidates for the role and company will be a whole lot easier if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Use AI-powered recruitment platforms

Today, there are a number of AI recruiting software solutions out there that facilitate the automation of various aspects of the recruitment process. For instance, AI-based recruitment platforms can source candidates, screen CVs, and conduct initial interviews. This allows for the saving of time and resources, all while helping you identify candidates who are a suitable fit for the role. Ultimately, AI-based recruitment software can work to streamline the recruitment process and bolster efficiency.

Implement chatbots for candidate communication

When it comes to providing clarity to candidates, AI is an incredibly valuable feature. This is because chatbots can be used to answer candidate questions and provide information about the recruitment process. Not only does this help improve the candidate experience, but it also frees up managers and HR employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Giving candidates easy access to the information they need is one of the most beneficial aspects of AI recruitment.

Use AI tools to screen CVs

Sifting through CVs can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious aspects of recruitment; however, AI tools are available to complete this task for you. With the help of AI, you can quickly and accurately screen large volumes of CVs. This can be achieved via machine learning algorithms that identify the most relevant candidates based on factors such as skills, experience, and education. As a result, AI can ensure you’re only seeing the candidates with the foundational requirements for the role.

Leverage predictive analytics for candidate selection

One of the most impressive features of AI is that it can actually predict who’s likely to be successful in a certain role. This is achieved via predictive analytics, which uses data from past hiring decisions and employee performance to create models that can predict which candidates are most likely to be a good fit. Of course, there’s no way of determining with 100% certainty which candidates will be successful, but having a rough idea can be helpful.

Personalise your recruitment marketing

Candidates are more likely to respond to employment opportunities if they feel they’re being addressed. An advantage of AI is that it can help you analyse candidate data to create more personalised recruitment marketing campaigns. By tailoring your messaging and content to the interests and preferences of your target audience, the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts are sure to be improved.

Use AI to improve your employer branding

Last but not least, a strong brand is essential for attracting top talent, and you can establish this brand more easily with the help of AI. This is because AI enables you to monitor your online reputation and identify areas where you can improve your employer branding. As a result, the overall quality of your recruitment pipeline will be improved.

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