Any company looking to recruit new talent to their team undoubtedly wants to hire the very best candidate for the role, and often, employers place experience as a key indicator as to whether someone is suitable for the job at hand.

Oftentimes, experience doesn’t always qualify someone as the best person to fill the vacancy. We encourage our clients to look at potential, and this typically comes in the form of taking a chance on someone with the right skillset but not quite as much quantifiable experience.

It’s understandable that employers are apprehensive about hiring someone fresh out of education, but there are lots of benefits to doing so. If you’re on the hunt for someone to join your team but haven’t yet found the right match, hiring a graduate could be the solution.

Why Hire Graduates?

Outside of graduate-centric job vacancies, there are multiple reasons why you should consider hiring fresh graduates for other positions within your company.

Fresh Outlook

For any business to thrive, they need to move with the times. Whilst it’s natural that senior positions will be filled by older candidates with a wealth of experience, younger graduates provide a fresh outlook that may be more modern and out-of-the-box. A new perspective can prove to be invaluable and isn’t something that can be taught, making graduates a great option.


Graduates have the academic knowledge and capability to do a job, with the added benefit that they have no bad habits. They can be easily adapted and moulded to suit your needs and the demands of the role in question, meaning you can essentially tailor the candidate specifically to the role at hand.

Keen to Learn

Having undergone a minimum of three years in education, graduates come with a thirst to learn. Given the opportunity through comprehensive training, you’ll likely find that the graduate you hire will be keen to learn more and expand their skillset. They may also be able to pick up new skills fairly quickly.

Technologically Advanced

Those currently graduating fall into to Gen-Z, the first generation to be digital natives. This means graduates now looking to enter the workplace don’t know a world without technology. This has several benefits to you as an employer. Firstly, they will likely have more knowledge on technology than other people on your team because it’s all they’ve ever known. This means they be aware of shortcuts and software that could improve efficiency.


Another benefit to Gen-Z being technologically advanced is that they can multitask to a higher level. They’ve likely grown up being able to watch TV, write an essay, and hold a conversation by text all at the same time. This bodes well if you’re recruiting for a role that requires the candidate to work on multiple projects at once.

Hire New Graduates

Pair all the benefits of hiring fresh graduates listed above with the fact that they often come with lower salary expectations and the grace that comes with giving someone a helping hand to ignite their career, it’s clear that hiring graduates can be exceptionally positive for both parties.

As a recruitment consultancy, we regularly helps employers fill their graduate roles by marrying up the best talent with a role in which they can flourish. If you’re seeking to hire productive talent through the form of a graduate, contact us today and we will work to help you find the perfect candidate for your team.