In this episode of ‘The Recruitment Roundup’ by BMS Performance, our hosts discuss the value of face-to-face meetings in a world dominated by digital communication. Despite the convenience and accessibility of online platforms, this episode explores why in-person interactions remain irreplaceable in certain aspects of business. Listeners will benefit from practical insights on how to persuade clients to have face-to-face meetings, whilst also emphasising how meeting clients face-to-face can dramatically influence the outcome of a discussion, as aspects such as body language can be assessed.

This episode offers valuable insights into why pulling up a chair at the same table can sometimes make all the difference.

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Mike LeatherĀ 

Sam Musiyarira

Key Takeaways:

The decline of face-to-face meetings: Has the rise of hybrid working made people more lazy? With video platforms becoming much more common use for meetings, business professionals are making less effort to meet face-to-face.

Relationship building: Meeting in person allows for the building of stronger relationships with clients, which can be invaluable for long-term success in business.

Trust and connection: Face-to-face meetings foster trust and connection through non-verbal cues like body language and eye contact, which are difficult to replicate in virtual settings.

Professional development: Participating in face-to-face meetings provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, including skill development in areas such as relationship building and management.

Decision making: Real-time, face-to-face discussions facilitate quicker decision-making processes by enabling immediate feedback, and clarification of concerns.

Cultural understanding: Meeting in person provides opportunities to better understand individual business cultures, and customs, which can help better satisfy client needs.

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