Next year, 2022, is set to be an unpredictable year for businesses. No one expected that we’d still be dealing with the impact of COVID-19 over two years after it was initially detected, yet here we are. Though we’re making improvements, there’s no telling of where we’ll be in relation to the pandemic, and companies must equip their employees to deal with this.

The traditional business model must change as we consider the way COVID-19 has affected companies globally. Understandably, employees are in vulnerable and unpredictable conditions, meaning it’s the responsibility of businesses to facilitate them to be able to handle what’s coming.

The wellbeing of your employees is the most important aspect of your company. You need to put measures in place to ensure their welfare, but how can you cater to employee values in the 2022 jobs market to achieve the latest job trends?

Hybrid Working

One of the most notable changes that COVID-19 brought about was the notion of working from home. As we progressed through the pandemic, working from home shifted to hybrid working, which has since transformed into working solely from the office. With the continual threat of new variants, many businesses and individuals are unsure where to turn to ensure the greatest protection of physical and mental wellbeing.

Solely working from home was detrimental to a lot of people’s mental health, whilst only working from the office results in a greater risk of infection. Therefore, hybrid working is a great solution for reopening the office after the Christmas shutdown. This allows you to stagger the number of people entering the office whilst also giving employees the opportunity to get out the house and socialise.

Mental Health Benefits

Most people’s mental health took a hit as a result of lockdown, leaving some feeling isolated and useless. Similarly, many people find themselves overwhelmed by going from complete isolation to normal social atmospheres. Therefore, businesses need to put measures in place to ensure the mental wellbeing of their employees.

Companies should operate with an open-door policy that allows their employees to air their worries. Additionally, mental health should be treated in the same manner as physical health; if an employee is struggling with their mental health, they should be entitled to a sick day much like they would be if they weren’t physically well.

Extra Holiday

The past couple of years have been exhausting, and in 2022, employees would love to be recognised for their hard work in the form of extra holiday. It’s not uncommon for employees to become burnt out after working for months on end without a break. This is particularly true of the draining nature of working through a pandemic.

Not only will added holidays make your employees feel valued, but it’ll improve their performance as they’ll be more refreshed. This will bode well for your business as you’ll be able to achieve the best results.

Salary Bonuses

In addition to holidays, financial bonuses are a common way of showing appreciation in businesses. Those who were unable to work from home during the lockdown may still be trying to recover from the pandemic’s effects. Therefore, any financial aid will be greatly appreciated and significantly reduce your employees’ stress.

Once your employees feel financially secure, they will perform to the best of their ability. This is because worry will be minimised, allowing them to channel all their energy into their work.

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