What is a Graduate Role?

Graduate roles have always been offered, but with more young people going to university now than ever before, an increasing number of companies are making provisions to offer dedicated graduate positions to the growing number of education-leavers looking to get on the career ladder.

If you’re looking to recruit for a graduate position but are unsure as to what exactly it entails, or if you’re on the other side of the market and are a graduate looking to explore your options, we can advise you. We are experts in helping companies recruit the best graduates to their team, stemming from our comprehensive understanding of the graduate market.

In order to find the best fresh talent, both graduates and employers need to recognise what a graduate role actually entails before the application process begins.

Graduate Contracts

Internships often get confused with graduate roles, but they are different due to the type of contract a person is hired on. Graduate positions are permanent, with the candidate earning a full-time salary to do a job that has no set end-date. They are a permanent facet of the team.

By comparison, an internship entails a person getting paid to complete a job that has a set end-date. It is a temporary contract with no guarantee of permanent employment afterwards.

What do Graduate Roles Entail?

Despite being an entry-level role, graduate jobs are legitimate and important jobs in their own right. When someone is hired to fulfil a graduate vacancy, they will be undertaking meaningful work that contributes greatly to a business. Whilst experience is a key driver for those undertaking a graduate role, they will expect to carry out professional work. This means they’re not there to do lunch runs – they should be given their own set of responsibilities that aid the running of the department they’re working in.

Graduate Salaries

Tasks assigned to graduates should be entry-level and reflect the experience the candidate has. The salary they earn should also reflect this. It’s natural that a graduate will progress their capabilities the longer they stay in the role, but given that the initial salary will be dictated by junior duties, you need to be aware that asking a graduate to take on more senior responsibilities should come with higher pay.

The Aim of Graduate Roles

For graduates, the aim of accepting employment in a graduate role is to get a foot on the career ladder within the field they want to specialise in. The aim for a graduate is very much to kickstart their career, gain meaningful experience, and progress to the next step in good time.

For employers, hiring graduates not only introduces fresh talent to their team, but it also aids them in moulding someone to suit their company and undertake vital responsibilities that will contribute to the wider team and company.

Hire for Graduate Roles

We are experts in finding the brightest graduates to fill respective roles. Whether you’re a graduate looking to get your feet on the ladder, or if you’re an employer seeking to hire a talented graduate to join your team, we can help. Get in touch to find out more.