Knowing how to measure sales success can be a tricky task, but there are a few indicators of success in an SDR team. From the team’s capacity to support the wider company to their ability to connect with external organisations, there are many features of a thriving SDR team.

Building a successful sales team is integral to a company’s profits, which is why it’s so important to get this right. That said, having a winning sales team is one thing, but knowing how to measure success in sales is another. Detailed below are just some of the identifiable features of a winning SDR team.

Supporting the wider sales team

Since it’s the role of SDRs to focus exclusively on sales prospecting, there is a big focus on their ability to support the wider sales team. In order for sales executives to close deals, the SDRs must reach out to the leads, qualify them, and push them further down the sales funnel.

SDRs function as the foundation of a broader sales team, making the initial connections and setting the rest of the team up for some great contracts.

Qualifying leads

As previously mentioned, one of the key responsibilities of an SDR is qualifying leads. This is an important step in the sales process, as this allows the representative to predict whether a sales prospect will become a customer. Their predictions are formed from the extensive gathering of data, which is how to be a successful salesperson.

Ultimately, the qualifying of leads signifies a thriving SDR team, as it shows that thorough research is being carried out to ensure that only the most appropriate leads are being pursued. This makes for more efficient practices and higher success rates.

Networking with and contacting companies

Similarly, networking with and contacting companies are other essential duties of SDRs. These are vital features of the sales procedure, as they help the company gather a comprehensive database of potential clients. With this database, more results can be achieved – an important aspect of how to be a successful sales rep.

An extensive database of clients signifies a winning SDR team, as this shows that the representatives are working tirelessly to contact the relevant people. These relevant people can then be approached, and sales can be made.

The characteristics of a successful SDR team

There are various characteristics that a representative must consider to know how to be successful in sales. They are as follows:


At the heart of every thriving salesperson is a passion for the role. Sales is an industry in which professionals will find themselves being knocked back repeatedly. As a result, a deep-rooted care for the role is required to motivate them. Without passion, there is no driving force.


As previously mentioned, sales professionals have to suffer a lot of knockbacks. Therefore, resilience is key to not becoming disheartened. Sales professionals will be rejected by prospective clients on a daily basis; however, it’s not personal, and they can’t get bogged down by it.

In it for the long term

Sales results don’t happen overnight, which is why winning salespeople will always be in it for the long term. From the initial point of contact to closing the deal, this can be a lengthy process. Despite this, it’s essential not to lose motivation and just to keep pushing forwards.


Last but not least, confidence is one of the most important characteristics of a salesperson. If a salesperson is confident, this will give a prospective client confidence in the product or service being sold to them. Confidence is key when it comes to closing deals.

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